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Five Ways to Reduce Web Friction AND Improve Your FE Application and Recruitment Rates

No Website is Perfect. There are Always Barriers That Cause Friction and Prevent Smooth Navigation, Applications and Recruitment


Every FE provider I meet wants to increase recruitment and improve their financial viability. To do this you need to remove the friction in your website and ensure every single visitor finds what they want AND applies for an Open Day, Taster Day or a relevant course.

But spotting the web friction points isn't always easy, it often takes a new pair of eyes and years of experience. 

For 13 years I've been helping FE colleges and private providers to detect and remove the friction in their website and marketing, enabling them to maximise their application and recruitment rates.


To get a flavour of your site's web friction points you need to take just one action!


Ask me to personally check it out. 


 I'll visit the site and produce a short report on your site's five biggest friction points exist AND explain how to remedy them.


The price? The cost of a cup of coffee at my favourite coffee shop. £2.88 


Yep, that 's right just a few quid and you'll get a report and the answers to improve your recruitment. 



Why is it such a low cost?

 £2.88 will never make me rich. But psychology tells me that if something is free it is not valued. Your web friction report is valuable and I want you to recognise that.

 So hence I charge for a coffee. 

 There's also a psychological reason for choosing £2.88 rather than £2.87 or some other low price. I'll add the rationale of the pricing to the end of your Web Friction report. It makes fascinating reading and could also help you sell more courses



Apply for Your Web Friction Report Now

Email me your name and website to 

AND buy me that coffee via the PayPal link below. 






How To Use Your Website To Maximise Profit

The Most Valuable Space on Your Website Needs NurturingThe Most Valuable Space on Your Website Needs Nurturing  If it is to Make You Profit

The most expensive and valuable internet space you’ll ever own is the bit above the fold on your home page or landing pages.

It’s the piece of the page that visitors see when coming to your site and they obtain their first impression in the first 1-3 seconds. 

So don’t waste this space with big fonts saying WELCOME.

Visitors may have expected that all those years ago when websites started … but they don’t today. 

If the visitor has responded to a search listing, or followed a link, they want to see an answer to their search instantly. 

I know a picture is worth a thousand words but unless it actually addresses their query with a full answer it has failed.

What you need in this expensive part if you site is compelling copy or video leading to a call to action.  

 It’s that simple.