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Einstein’s Thought Experiment on the HEPI Proposed Graduate Employment Levy

Einstein and a Thought Experiment on Graduate Employment Levy Einstein was a Great Thinker. Most of His Work Was Achieved Via Thought Experiments


When Albert Einstein came up with the ideas for General and Special Relativity plus Space Time he did it sat at his desk. He wasn’t working in a lab with retorts and chemicals. He just sat at his desk and used a thought experiment.

For example when he was working on time and how things could happen simultaneously he thought about a man stood on a railway station. He saw two bolts of lightning simultaneously strike the station platform on each side of the man. Then hr considered a woman passing the man on a rapidly moving train and thought about what the woman would see.  In his mind he could see that if the woman passed him at the same time as the lightning bolts stuck she would be moving towards one bolt and away from the other. He realised that for her they would appear to strike a few moments apart. From this he deduced that speed affects what we see. What fro him was simultaneous wasn’t for the woman.


Using Thought Experiments in Business


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Digital Diversity: How Diverse is Your Website?

Society is Diverse; Your Audience is Probably Diverse. But Are You Catering For Diverse Audiences Online?  


I see a lot of public bodies and companies claiming to be diverse. Some even put up welcome signs at their entrances or in reception.

But the place where huge numbers first encounter them, online, is often forgotten. For example. I frequently work in the education sector. But I can’t find a college in the country that has it’s website available in any of the European languages. Or in those of the main UK ethnic groups.

So I set out to see how easy it is to translate a website into a number of languages. I started with five languages and am now up over 20.

It was amazingly simple. So why do so many organisations ignore the opportunity to be diverse on their website?

The following video focuses on further education (FE) websites .. but could apply to any sector .. and explains a bit more.



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Website Videos Increase Sales

If You Want To Increase Sales Website Conversion, or Other Call To Action Results, Use Video In Your Website Header or Banner


For months I've tested how to get the best website response rate and way ahead of everything else we've tested on numerous websites is a compelling autoplay short video with a strong call to action

Depending on the product and audience it usually works best if there is a voiceover. And if you are focusing on getting returning customers to respond (they often get forgotten), make sure they see you and hear your voice. 

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Very Low Cost Advertising on Prime Time TV Now Possible

TV Ads are now low costAdvertising on TV Has Always Meant Expensive Contracts & Adverts Running on TV Channels .. But No More High Cost and Contracts for TV Adverts

The way people consume online content has changed a lot in the last few years. It used to be people sat and watched TV in the evenings and consumed online via PCs or, more recently, via mobile devices. But the two are now merging. 

Online content, such as YouTube, is now consumed via the TV. And because it is relateively low cost to advertise on YouTube, (it costs a fraction of contracted TV channel ads), we can now advertise on YouTube and people will see the advert on their TV screens. 

And with more and more TVs being ultra high definition that means we can produce high definaition ads and gert those viewed on widescreen TVs. The opportunities with this are huge.

But there’s more. Google research demonstrates that YouTube and other content is now being consumed during prime time. So you can use low cost, high impact ads to hit a lot of people during the evenings. Low cost volume is possible. 

And once people have consumed your ad its an easy step to get them watching your YouTube channel .. and signing up for even more content.

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