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Your USP in a Sentence

Good USPs attract high value clients

USPs or Value Propositions Were Popular A Few Years Ago. I Think They Are Still Essential

But getting a USP written can be amazingly difficult. So here’s a quick solution. A way of looking at USPs that makes writing them much easier. 

Essentially you have to start by getting people to buy into your proposition. It’s no good writing a USP that no one agrees. So a phrase they agree is a great starting point. In the example below I give one that is aimed at people in education.


We all believe in delivering superb education and skills, but Government underfunding of public services has put that at risk; so it’s up to us to remedy the situation, and that means we have to rethink / reengineer / reimagine ways to achieve our objectives.

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”   Albert Einstein