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Can You Help Me?

It Takes More Than Marketing. Businesses Like Mine Also Rely on Reviews and Testimonials To Get Our Name Out There.


If my advice, posts and websites have inspired you, given you the impetus and courage to move forward or just proved a good read can you do me a favour? 


Can You Review Me? 


It’ll take just a couple of minutes and it would mean a lot to me.


Just click the link and go to the blue review button. 


Thank you for your help

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Want to be a Creative Thinker? Take a Walk


Walking on Table MountainCreative walking with Table Mountain, Cape Town, in the background

Nobel Prize Winner, Daniel Kahneman, Did Much of His Thinking When Walking. Often He Walked with Amos Tversky and They Discussed & Developed Their Ideas 

Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg are also famous for walking meetings and developing ideas whilst walking. 


According to a recent study co-authored by Marily Oppezzo, a Stanford doctoral graduate in educational psychology, and Daniel Schwartz, a professor at Stanford Graduate School of Education walking is great for creative thinking .. both during the walk and shortly thereafter. 


I do my best thinking whilst walking .. both alone and whilst in discussion with others. And as much is my work is about troubleshooting other people’s problems I spend a lot of time thinking .. so enjoy walking as part of my work routine. 


Below is an article link on walking v sitting and being creative. And above are some of the places I’ve recently walked whilst deep in thought.

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How to Nudge Prospects to Buy

Try Nudging Buyers and Prospects in the Right Direction. It Can Increase Compliance Rates.

Nudging even works where people haven’t paid their taxes.

Letters sent to non payers have been shown to be much more effective when the non-payer is told that the money is vital to the NHS and other public services.  The letter about roads, schools and the NHS apparently had the best effect. 

Overall the tweaked letters now sent to tax dodgers have increased payments by 17%. 


Switching Energy Suppliers

We all get letters from energy companies ….. usually bills.

Where these letters contain the words …. “Many people save up to £200 on their energy bills by switching tariff.” …. switching increased by 20%.  And the cost was almost nil as 8 million letters were being sent anyway. 


Business Nudging

So if this works for government how might you nudge people to do what you want? 

I’ve only had one bad debt in 13 years. I put it down to the fact I add my T&Cs in all quotes and on my invoices plus I send invoices out quickly. But equally as important I mention my T&Cs to al clients and say how as a small business this is important to me and keeps my prices down. 

Sending invoices out quickly shows how important his is to me and helps nudge people in the right direction.

If you ever go to McDonald’s and hear those words .. Do you want fries with that? … you’ve been nudged with an up sell. 10% take the fires and McDonalds make millions worldwide each year from this simple nudge. 

The PS you add on a letter is a form of nudging that also works very well. 


There are hundreds of nudge opportunities available. Using them could make you serious money


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Sales is About Disqualifying People!

How To Define Your Hot Sales Leads & Prospects


I recently had a call from a prospective client who claimed to have over 1000 hot sales leads and wanted my help to close the deal with them. I turned him down!


The simple answer was that he didn’t have a thousand hot sales leads. He had a purchased list of people that allegedly had an interest in a topic that was related to his product. 

The real problem however, and the real reason I turned him down was the fact he didn’t realise that he didn’t have a list of hot leads. His logic was that they were all interested in a topic related to his product and they would therefore want to buy his product. I tried to explain that his wasn’t necessarily the case. I said I was a fan of Hugh Masekela and loved the way he played the trumpet; but that didn’t mean I would buy music lessons and learn to play the trumpet. 


Start by Disqualifying

What I advised my prospective client to do was to whittle his list down by disqualifying all the people in his list that wouldn’t buy. If this had been a list of people interested in Hugh Masekela this might mean all those that don’t play an instrument or sing. 

The problem was that when my prospect did the equivalent with his list he need up with just a handful of people and complained he’d never sell anything to such a small list.

Of course he was right. His list was just too small. 

But what he couldn’t see was that he wouldn’t sell any more to the larger list. He’d just spend more many trying to sell.

The secret of selling to a list is to delete those that will not buy as this reduces your overheads. BUT  to ensure you have a big enough list to start with that has fewer people that you can disqualify. 

So rather than buying a list, from a list broker, that isn’t very focused on people that may want your product, you need to buy more accurate lists.

Or, better still, grow your own list from people that subscribe to your newsletter or have bought previously from you. Alternatively market to someone that has bought related products from someone you can partner with.

Then whittle the list down by disqualifying those that are unlikely to buy.

Some years ago I was tasked with selling a very specialist product … bat boxes. These were ideal for environmental consultants with an interest in bats, as they were likely to undertake bat mitigation surveys for developers and buy in bulk. 

This list was perfect and over 50% of the list were immediately interested. 


Urgency is Key

Of course that didn’t mean the rest were uninterested. They just weren’t interested right then. They had no urgency to buy. Subsequent emails had many of them interested as well. 


Money is Crucial 

And even if the purchase is urgent your prospects need money to buy. If they have no money they can’t buy! This is common sense really but so many people ignore this fact. 


USPs prevail 

Even with money and urgency to solve a problem no one is gong to buy if they don’t get your USP. People need to buy into what you have to offer. 



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