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Sun Tzu: The Art Of Practical Marketing

Sun Tzu the art of practical marketing
I’m writing a new book on Sun Tzu: The Art Of Practical Marketing

Sun Tzu’s “Art of War” consists of 13 chapters and my new book is based around them.

You might think marketing and war have littel in common. True, except both use terms like “campaigns”, But there are simialrities in other areas. War strategy has more similarities to marketing strategyu than you might imagine.

The chapters I’m writing comprise practical advice and tips that will enable you to gain advantage in the marketing “war” and outcompete even the biggest and bestr financed competitor.


With a Little Help From My Friends We Are Rewriting Sun Tzu’s The Art of War.

I’m not working alone on this book. Sun Tzu has taught me enough to understand that success comes to those that cooperate and work together. I’ve had input from some great people such as ….

Wendy Lipton-Dibner
Deborah Hicks Midanek Bailey
Aimee Joseph
Jason Wally Waldron
Jim Padilla
Rand Fishkin
Felicia Slattery
Jason Wally Waldron
Jv Crum III
Neil Patel
John Corcoran
with more contributing every day

The finished book is some months away yet, but I want to offer you a free copy of the finished book. All you need to do is join the Facebook group Ive set up to accompany the book. Then when its ready it wil be available for a few days to members of the group. Thereafter it becomes a priced publication.

Here’s a link to the group. Join now and get the advantages of free membership.