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Using Surveys to Market a Restaurant, Cafe, Conference Centre or Coffee Shop

Using Surveys to Market a Restaurant, Cafe, Conference Centre or Coffee Shop

More About Surveys in the Hospitality Sector


It is quite easy to imagine we know why people choose to be our customers. I’ve heard business owners say it is our homemade cakes or great coffee, or that they have the most extensive wine list in town.

But the reality is that when you ask one simple question …. why did you choose to eat or drink here today … you will get answers that surprise you.

Let me give you an example that is related to the question about why choose a venue.

 Some years ago, a client asked me to help them promote their conference facilities. The facilities were very good, and the business was an international environmental charity. When I asked them why people choose them they told me it was because their conference facilities overlooked a large bird reserve of international renown.

 But I wasn’t convinced.

Marketing Mis-Information That Could Cost You a Fortune

Don’t Believe all the Marketing Stats Provided


When businesses first think they need to market the business the majority immediately think of advertising.   However, as the adage goes, “50% of my advertising doesn’t work, the only problem is I don’t know which 50%”.

There is a falsehood in this saying, in that rather than 50% not knowing what works, it is much closer to 98%.  So few people know if their advertising works and yet they continue to be swayed by persuasive media sales staff into parting with their money.


There is no excuse for not knowing if advertising is working. It is possible to use specific telephone numbers (cheap, pay as you go, mobile phones can be used to obtain these), coupons, or if you are using PPC and/or Analytics you can see results to 2-3 decimal points.

Yell, various other directories and many online newspapers often supply data regards how much traffic they send you.  But do not confuse this with sales which you can track if you use Analytics and thank you pages and/or a shopping cart.


Basing your marketing spend on, perhaps not wholly impartial, third party information could cost you dearly.  Always confirm there information and try to understand it in the context that means something to you.  Visits to websites are NOT the same as sales.

Good marketing means not believing all you are told .. and using common sense.