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Should You Rely on Luck or Unstoppable Referrals

Most people I meet tell me Word of Mouth is the way they get most of their business.  When I ask them about their Word of Mouth strategy it seems the most common one is to rely on luck .  That simple!

Luck is NOT a strategy.  Rely on luck and when you want it most it runs out.


We need a system to get more Word of Mouth referrals.  A few people tell me they have a referrals strategy; they go networking.

Networking can work, and can give you a handful of referrals, if you work hard at it.  But what I’m talking about is a flow of Unstoppable Referrals that flood in to your business on a regular and predictable basis.


A friend of mine from Tallahassee, Steve Gordon asked me to review a draft of his new book on Referral Marketing a few months ago.  Steve and I mastermind together and I respect his ideas and judgement so I expected something good. What i got however was something that blew my mind and preconceived ideas right out of the window.

Of course I knew that most people hate referring clients as it could come back to bite them if it all goes wrong.  It is one thing to recommend a restaurant and quite another to refer a client. It isn’t a “safe” strategy if you want to keep your own clients.

But Steve has sussed all this and demonstrates how it can be made to work in a spectacular way with none on that suspect or sleazy recommendation stuff.  This is a “safe” strategy and is a method that has integrity. 


I’ve been using Steve’s techniques for a while now and I recommend them.  I also recommend his book

I recommend Steve’s book so much I’ve given it FIVE STARS on Amazon and added a recommendation there.  If you want to know about Unstoppable Referrals get your complimentary copy today


If you are in the UK, go here:

If in the US, go here:

If in Canada, go here:

This is a Kindle version, but don’t worry if you don’t own a Kindle. You can get a free reader from Amazon that will allow you to read the book on virtually any device.