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How to Market a Cafe, Restaurant or Coffee Shop with Flyers and Samples

I’m often asked for advice on How to Market a Cafe, Restaurant or Coffee Shop

and one of my favourite ways is with with Flyers, Samples or a combination of the two.

Think about it, if someone offers you some wonderful free food as you walk down the street ..and you really enjoy it .. aren’t you likely to want to book and eat more.

There is a also a bit of psychology going on here, it is called The Law of Reciprocity and it works in every type of business I know. If someone gives you a gift you are inclined to return their generosity. In this case you are likely to make a booking at the restaurant or visit the cafe or coffee shop.

This principle also works for pubs .. in fact it works for virtually any type of business.




And there are more free restaurant marketing tips at

How to Market a Restaurant, Cafe, Coffee Shop, Tearoom, Winebar, Pub, or Pizza Place in 2019

Behind every new restaurant, cafe and coffee shop is a dream.  A dream where people book weeks in advance, every table is full, the food and service are brilliant and the profits roll in. See How to Market a Restaurant, Cafe, Coffee Shop and Licensed Premises. 

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The truth is often different.  The restaurant and catering business world is tough.  There is competition on every corner and however good your food and service might be you have to be brilliant at marketing as well.

Most new restaurants, cafes and coffee shops fail within two years.  But yours can thrive.  

The reason they fail isn’t often down to the food, service or ambience.  Often it is purely down to poor marketing. 

Marketing isn’t difficult.  It needn’t cost a fortune.  But if you are going to learn how to market your restaurant you will need to learn a few simple marketing strategies and techniques ……… just like the Top Ten Restaurant Marketing Strategies listed below.