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How to Source Copyright Free Images for Your Website or Marketing Project

How to quickly source copyright images or photographs  for websites and other online projects

We all know that using images online can make our web pages more attractive and can boost engagement. 

But sourcing images is expensive. The choice to date has been to buy an licence for an image library or to trawl the web for copyright material. 

Now there is an alternative.

There is now software that will automatically trawl the web and find you copyright free images. 

It is available as a plug-in for WordPress and that is probably the easiest way to use it.  Remember, WordPress is free and the software, Image Suite, is low cost, so sourcing images effectively becomes almost free of cost and time constraints.

In WordPress I usually start by creating a new post.

I then go down to the Image Suite plug-in, it’s on the right hand side.

I type a description of the image I want, let’s say it is a cat.

Image Suite then searches online for suitable images.

Quite quickly it presents me with options of all sorts.

I can sort them until I find what I want.

Selecting the image gives me two options.

I can add it to my post. Or I can edit it.

For example I can edit the colours.

Or I can add image overlays.
Or even add borders  …….. such as a choice of film tracks.

I could also add comic strip overlays.

Like a heart … which I can position wherever I want .. and resize to suit my picture.

I can also add text.   This is ideal if you want to post to Pinterest!

Maybe I’ll make the font red to match the heart.  

Once I’m happy with my image I can save it to my post, and / or my hard drive.

If the image is too large I can quickly resize it.

And if I want to use it elsewhere I can use the Snipping tool to copy it.

Image Suite is easy to set up and use.