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We Are Experiencing Higher Than Normal Call Volumes

We Are Very Busy, Please Hold The Line We'll Be With You ShortlyWe Are Very Busy, Please Hold The Line We’ll Be With You Shortly

It doesn’t matter if you phone a bank, utility, council, a myriad of public services or the private sector. They all seem to be Experiencing Higher Than Normal Call Volumes than they expected. So it seems like they don’t expect people to call them and they’ve been taken them completely by surprise.


It makes you doubt their competence to handle your money, electric, gas, phones or local services when they can’t even estimate the volume of calls they get on a Monday morning or Thursday afternoon that is no different to last week or the week before when they were also experiencing higher call volumes than they expected. Do they understand nothing about Marketing and Sales? 


If You Want Customers: Answer Your Phone

Answer your phone if you want businessThis is one of my simplest marketing tips ever

If you really value your customers .. answer your phone when they ring.  Or answer their emails .. or whatever is the form of communications you prompt them to make. 

Don’t leave your desk without putting an answerphone or divert on the system. 

Don’t start off with a message about, “unexpectedly high call volumes?”  You know your business, you know when to expect higher call volumes … so staff accordingly or ask them to leave a message. Don’t leave them hanging on. 

And don’t push them from ads to webpages that don’t exist. 


I told you it was simple.  

Customers want good customer service.  So, as an absolute minimum, you should meet their expectations.