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We Are Experiencing Higher Than Normal Call Volumes

We Are Very Busy, Please Hold The Line We'll Be With You ShortlyWe Are Very Busy, Please Hold The Line We’ll Be With You Shortly

It doesn’t matter if you phone a bank, utility, council, a myriad of public services or the private sector. They all seem to be Experiencing Higher Than Normal Call Volumes than they expected. So it seems like they don’t expect people to call them and they’ve been taken them completely by surprise.


It makes you doubt their competence to handle your money, electric, gas, phones or local services when they can’t even estimate the volume of calls they get on a Monday morning or Thursday afternoon that is no different to last week or the week before when they were also experiencing higher call volumes than they expected. Do they understand nothing about Marketing and Sales? 


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If You Want Customers: Answer Your Phone

Answer your phone if you want businessThis is one of my simplest marketing tips ever

If you really value your customers .. answer your phone when they ring.  Or answer their emails .. or whatever is the form of communications you prompt them to make. 

Don’t leave your desk without putting an answerphone or divert on the system. 

Don’t start off with a message about, “unexpectedly high call volumes?”  You know your business, you know when to expect higher call volumes … so staff accordingly or ask them to leave a message. Don’t leave them hanging on. 

And don’t push them from ads to webpages that don’t exist. 


I told you it was simple.  

Customers want good customer service.  So, as an absolute minimum, you should meet their expectations.

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How To Make Effective Cold Calls

Is Cold Calling a Prospect a Good Idea?Is Cold Calling a Prospect a Good Idea?  If So, How Do You Cold Call Without Upsetting People? 


This is something I frequently get asked and an email from Mrs AH had me promising I’d post something on this blog. 

The answer is actually really simple.  

Cold Calling Isn’t Very Effective.  At least not on it’s own. 

But you can do a few simple things to make it far more effective. 

This is how it is done; in one sentence. 

You send the recipients an email a couple of days before you phone and you ask for “permission” to phone them.


This is a form of Advanced Thinking. 

Let me explain.  Most people regard cold calls as intrusive.  But if you give them some good advice in advance, and say you’d like to phone them in a few days if it is OK with them, then they are expecting your call.

Better still, if you get intercepted by a gatekeeper you can honestly say you arranged the call by email and that it is expected.   In a large number of cases this gets you pass the gatekeeper.  

So what about the advice you send them? The advice needs to address an issue they have.  For example, there are generic issues we all have at a certain level,  how to spend less on advertising, how to increase revenues, how to decrease costs.  Or there are problems specific to them and I’ll explain how to discover those another day.   But whatever it is your email mustn’t appear spammy.  The Law of Reciprocity then cuts in and they feel at least obliged to listen to you as you gave them something.

However think about it like this.  Do you take cold calls when someone only wants to sell to you?   If not, why not?  So turn this on its head. What if someone shows interest in your business and offers free help and advice, builds a relationship with you and becomes a trusted advisor or friend, are then you more likely to take the time to listen to them.  Most people are. 


Does This Really Work?

Here is how it worked for me.  I had a well respected colleague write to several CEOs and introduce me.  I then sent them a copy of my last book via the post, with a note that suggested we meet which was what my colleague had also suggested to them. 

Then a couple of days later I phoned and asked if the book had arrived.  The answer was always Yes.  So we chatted for a while. Only once we had a rapport, and they felt positive towards me, did I ask if it might be an idea to set a date to meet.

This method may sound long winded but it increased my conversion rate by a significant amount.

You needn’t send a book of your own.  It could be a two page list of tips or a copy of someone’s book.  It could be from a friend or something you have written yourself.

The thing is, I think you need to build a relationship and NOT make a totally cold call.

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Why I Hate BlueJacking!

BlueJacking is Interruption Marketing at its worse

Let Me Explain What BlueJacking is.  

BlueJacking is where  someone hijacks the BlueTooth on your phone and sends you a marketing and/or sales message.



Most of us will have received a message from our phone company when we arrive at an overseas airport.  The message will often tell you who the supplier in that country is and remind you about charges.   It can be annoying but the message does remind you about costs.

For me BlueJacking is much more annoying and I regard it as the worse sort of spam.  

It occurs when you pass, or look into, a shop on the high street and get a sales message sent to my BlueTooth.   You didn’t ask for this and find it the worse form of interruption advertising around at the moment.  

OK, so an advert on a billboard is a mild form of interruption marketing but it is easy to ignore.  There are lots of other forms of interruption marketing and they are also relativity mild. 

BUT BlueJacking is very intrusive as it is hard to ignore.  If my phone buzzes I’m far more likely to respond to it.

In some cases people will be charged for the message sent them .. that isn’t nice!


Positive BlueJacking

There are occasions where BlueJacking can be a positive experience. 

For example it can be used in an art gallery to provide information about articular exhibits.  Or in a botanic garden to provide a positive experience. 

But it should be something we are offered and opt into …. not get bombarded with.


The BlueJacking Cure  

I’ve a simple cure for BlueJacking.  Go into the shop that sends the message, ask to see the manager and explain, VERY LOUDLY, why you’ll never shop with them again.  Then plaster social media with the fact the shop has BlueJacked you and that you are never going there again. Ask your friends to share the post.


BlueJacking is what I regard as one of the facets of nasty marketing.    


Finally let me tell you what one of the suppliers of BlueTooth Marketing told me.  Apparently if I don’t want to receive messages through Bluetooth it is up to me to turn off my BlueTooth.  As I use Bluetooth to talk to my SatNav and other devices you can imagine my thoughts about this one.


Marketing is something we all need to get involved in if we run a business but there are forms of marketing I advise you never to get involved in .. BlueTooth Marketing is one of them. 

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