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A Single Person Can Move The Universe

One person can make a differencePeople Often Think Their Small Contribution Will Make Little Difference

They think their business or project is bound to fail.  Think about failure and it inevitably appears.

But with the right mindset, a positive mindset, success is much more certain. 

In the UK one guy had a strong belief.  He fought to be heard.  His efforts results in a huge change.


The Archimedes Principle 

Archimedes said that if he were given a fulcrum he could move the world. 

Jamie Oliver knows this to be true. 

His efforts to get high sugar content drinks banned has had a huge impact.  Some drinks contain as much as 30 spoons of sugar per serving.  Jamie knows this contributes to childhood obesity and has lobbied for change.  Jamie is a restaurateur and, in his restaurants, has imposed his own levy on sugary drinks.  The movement grew when John Vincent did the same in his restaurants and gave the proceeds to charity.  There has been a lot of media coverage of the call for banning sugary rich drinks.  

The result has been a tax being imposed by the Chancellor in his recent budget. 


Can you move the universe?

I believe all of us can make huge changes if we act in the right way.  First we have to believe in ourselves and our cause.  Once we do then the rest starts to fall in to place.

It is only the fear of failure that holds most people back.  Of course it would be easy to say that Jamie was successful in his passion to get sugar rich drinks banned simply because he was already well known.  But remember one thing. Jamie was once a school leaver with only a dream to sustain him. He succeeded because he believed in himself. 

Success in marketing and in business comes first from believing in your product or service and then in formulating a plan.  The plan has little chance if you don’t believe in yourself and your product/service. 


So what can you do to move the universe?


If you need my help you know where I am. 

The Art of Attracting Customers to Retail Shops & Foodie Places

what is perception?

Attracting Customers into Shops, Restaurants and Coffee Shops Just Got Harder.


Poor signage, poor shop fronts, rude staff, terrible food, awful window displays; the Art of Poor Service isn’t rocket science and far too many retail outlets seem to have embraced it.  

But what if you want to get great footfall and make profit? How do you achieve success.

Well, think about your recent experiences.  What made a positive impact on you and what was negative.     You may not be typical of all your customers but this is a good starting point.

But this is just the starting point.