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PowerPoint Tip: How to Trigger an Embedded PowerPoint Video with a Click

Death by PowerPoint is no longer a fact.


But use this simple trick to be able to run a video in PowerPoint .. that works off a remote trigger …. and your presentations can breathe life back in to PowerPoint presentations that deliver.

This video demonstrates how quick and simple it is to embed a video and ensure it will play with a simple click. No more having to get the mouse lined up with the video .. it does it even if you are 20-30 feet from your laptop with a simple remote control.

Playing your video is a easy as clicking to the next page once you know how to set it up. How is it done? Watch the video.

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Out of Africa: Business Survival Lessons from Table Mountain


My wife, Sharon, and I recently spent three weeks crossing the Namibian Deserts and over the border into South Africa.

In covering approx 3000 miles by car, mainly on dirt roads, we only rarely saw another vehicle until we reached South Africa.

The outcome of our journey are a series of videos we’re calling “Out Of Africa”. They feature the magnificent landscapes and wildlife we saw, but all describe a business lesson that can be applied to any business.


Or is it just an excuse to show our holiday snaps?  You decide.


Below is our first video; one that features our last stop, in Cape Town. Table Mountain is magnificent and really demonstrates an important business lesson we should all be aware of in a frantically changing world.