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An Introduction to How to Market a Restaurant, Cafe or Coffee Shop

This dress shop added a small coffee shop and it now uses more floor area than the fashion part of the businessMarketing a Restaurant, Cafe or Coffee Shop requires specific marketing skills that are easy to learn.


The video below introduces the concept and are part of a series of hospitality marketing videos that will demonstrate simple concepts that anyone can follow. If you can’t wait for me to produce all the videos contact me today for a one to one session and fast track you restaurant, cafe or coffee shop success.



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How Cheetahs & Businesses Must Adapt to Change

Change is inevitable.

Change means we need to adapt and consider change management techniques.


The cheetahs of Namibia have had to adapt to change and we can learn from them – see the video below. 

Can you see things that need to change in your business?

Can you make those changes?