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How To Use Your Website To Maximise Profit

The Most Valuable Space on Your Website Needs NurturingThe Most Valuable Space on Your Website Needs Nurturing  If it is to Make You Profit

The most expensive and valuable internet space you’ll ever own is the bit above the fold on your home page or landing pages.

It’s the piece of the page that visitors see when coming to your site and they obtain their first impression in the first 1-3 seconds. 

So don’t waste this space with big fonts saying WELCOME.

Visitors may have expected that all those years ago when websites started … but they don’t today. 

If the visitor has responded to a search listing, or followed a link, they want to see an answer to their search instantly. 

I know a picture is worth a thousand words but unless it actually addresses their query with a full answer it has failed.

What you need in this expensive part if you site is compelling copy or video leading to a call to action.  

 It’s that simple.

Using Newsletters & Word of Mouth to Market Businesses such as a Cafe ….. or any other business

Here is the next in the series of How to Market videos where we explain how adding content to newsletters is more important than using them to "hard sell" all the time.


There's something special about this video though. In the final few minutes the video carries a clickable link that takes the viewer to a webpage .. Think of the way this could be used to direct traffic from a video to a sales or booking page.


I'll explain how the link is embedded in a future video.