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How to Reduce Online Travel Agencies Commission Fees

Online Travel Agencies OTAS are expensiveOnline Travel Agencies, such as Expedia, TripAdvisor,,, OpenTable, etc Are An Excellent Way to Get Bookings For Hotels, Guest Houses, B&Bs, Pubs, Inns and Restaurants.

But it comes at a cost.


OTA Commission Fees Can Be Reduced.


Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) normally charge commission rates of between 12-30% of the booking value depending on your accommodation or catering type. The number of rooms or covers offered can also affect the commission fees requested by these booking systems. With most rates being upwards of 15-20% the impact this has on your profit margin is huge.


The alternative to OTA websites is to take the booking yourself. With the OTAs dominating the search engines that isn’t easy. But is isn’t impossible either, as can be seen below.


Customers From the Other Side of the World Seek Our Help …Australian Clients Seek Marketing Magician’s Help

We not only serve local businesses with great marketing ideas and support. Customers from the other side of the world seek our help.

Way back in noughties we had an email from a business in Melbourne, Australia. The owner, Jeanette, asked us for help marketing her holiday business.


We spent time on the phone with her and her husband .. they were 11000 miles away. And eventually came up with a marketing strategy and plan we believed would work.


Watch the 20 second video and discover what Jeanette thought of our plan


Degrees Are A Commodity & Don’t Guarantee Career Success

Conventional Education Doesn't Provide Career Certainty. Degrees are a commodity. A Degree Used to Mean Career Success, Higher Earnings and Was Highly Valued by Employers


Today it is possible to get on to a Graduate Entry Scheme without a degree! And the Vice Chancellor of one university has written about the demise of exams, lecture  theatres and asks if universities are redundant.

I explain much more in my articles on Conventional Education not being the route to employment it once was. The first article is available on the above link.


For those readers running a small business this article once again demonstrates the value of PR.  Any one of us can get our voice heard with coverage in the market leading publications and websites in our sector. Let me know if you need help writing an article or in putting together a PR strategy

Are You Sure Your Marketing Is Working?

“50% of my advertising doesn’t work, the problem is I don’t know which half”, said John Wanamaker


This applies also to most other forms of marketing and the situation is probably worse. My experience, from observing hundreds of small and large businesses, is that close on 90% of all marketing, and advertising, seriously unperforms.