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PR: Getting Interview Invites From The Media

How Can PR Help Me Grow My Business?
How Can PR Help Me Grow My Business?

One of the Best Free Marketing & Promotion Opportunities a Business Can Get is to be Invited to Speak on Radio or TV About Their Field of Expertise 

You often see experts on TV, hear them on radio or read their comments in the paper. But where do the media find them? Where, at short notice, can the media find an authority to speak about a breaking story? And how can potential interviewees prepare? 


The media actually need countless numbers of experts to interview every day. And this morning it was my turn to be interviewed by Stephen Jardine on BBC Radio Scotland. Stephen wanted my views on the Build a Bear promotion. This was a promo that promised a bear that could be purchased for a price equivalent to the child’s age. So a £3 bear could be bought for a three year old. The result was long queues outside stores, people having to wait hours and the police being called in some cases. 


How to Get Media Interview Invites 

So, how did I get an invite to appear on the show to discuss this issue? In fact why was I invited back for an interview just weeks after previously being on BBC Radio Scotland?


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How to Detect and Solve Web Server Downtime and Website Backups for Non-Techies

how to detect server downtimeWebsites Crash All the Time. But What Will It Cost You if Your Business Website Crashes? Will You Even Know Your Website is Down?


Websites are essential to many businesses and if they crash the business can be in serious trouble. Sales, recruitment, enquiries and ultimately profits are at risk. 

But how do you know if your website has crashed. The first you know could be when online orders dry up. It’s not possible to manually visit your site every hours to check it is still working. 

And what can be done to ensure your site doesn’t go down or, if it does, it is up and running again in seconds? 

I’ve seen these problems, first hand, when my clients have experienced them. £multi-million businesses brought to their knees when a website server crashes.  £tens of thousands revenue being lost every day. 

In some cases this has happened on Friday afternoon and no has noticed until Monday morning when they find an empty order in tray. It’s a devastating feeling in the pit of your stomach when you see this.

But it can be avoided in most cases. (more…)

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Using Surveys to Market a Restaurant, Cafe, Conference Centre or Coffee Shop.


Surveying dishes over drinksMore About Surveys in the Hospitality Sector

It is quite easy to imagine we know why people choose to be our customers. I’ve heard business owners say it is our homemade cakes or great coffee, or that they have the most extensive wine list in town.

But the reality is that when you ask one simple question …. why did you choose to eat or drink here today … you will get answers that surprise you.

Let me give you an example that is related to the question about why choose a venue.

 Some years ago, a client asked me to help them promote their conference facilities. The facilities were very good, and the business was an international environmental charity. When I asked them why people choose them they told me it was because their conference facilities overlooked a large bird reserve of international renown.

 But I wasn’t convinced.


Marketing a Conference Centre

Most of their conference customers were from large companies that had no obvious connections with the environment or birds. So I wondered if the real reason was their geographic location, the fact they were on the edge of a motorway, the proximity of hotels, the catering, the size of the car park or that they could cater for 2-650 people.

I carried out an online advertising campaign. We ran eight ads that were exactly the same except for one line that featured the benefits I had concluded might be the main reason the facilities were chosen.

The ads were run as Google Adwords which meant that Google would show each advert randomly to people searching for conference venues or conference facilities, but the magic part was that each advert would be seen by approximately the same number of people and we could measure the numbers that responded to them and clicked on the advert to discover more.

Over the next couple of days over 1000 people responded (this was an amazingly quick response) and we were able to form a league table of responses. Number one was the ability for the venue to cater for 2-650 people whilst the last in the list was the fact the venue overlooked the bird reserve.

The thing is the charity were focused on conservation and thought everyone thought like them. But events were frequently booked by conference organisers, HR departments or the CEOs PA. These people just wanted a place that could handle the event they had been tasked with organising and they were often based hundreds of miles away, so had no local knowledge or preference. Their interests were totally different to the charities.


Of course, some people chose the venue simply because they liked the charity itself.


Beware of thinking you know your customers well. They can surprise you. And the answer you got last year may no longer apply.

So ask questions and consider the response carefully. It could change the direction you take your business.



How to Market a Restaurant, Coffee Shop, Café, Tea Rooms, Pub, Wine Bar and Other Food and Drink Outlets .. The Book  

Restaurant and Coffee shop marketing

With over 36,000 words and many images, my book on marketing is now available. It’s been written so there’s something for virtually every situation. 

You can get it on Amazon at







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We have more Hotel and Guest house Marketing Advice here 

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Transcription Service by the Hour

TrintNeed to transcribe a video, audio or dictation?  

There are various transcription services available in every country and even more overseas. Some charge per minute of audio or video and some by the hour.

Trint charges by the hour and has three usage levels and, as I write this, a free 30-minute trial.

Probably worth testing if you need transcription work undertaken.

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