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How to Increase Businesss Profits by creating a business procedures manual

Running a business is hard. But if you use a business procedures manual you and your staff will do things correctly every time.

That will save you time and boost your profits.

To learn more about how to increase business profits by creating an operations or business procedures manual watch the video.



How to Use Free PR to Market Your Business

PR is a great marketing tool that costs nothing to implement.


But how do you use PR to market a business?  Listen to this interview about free PR techniques.


A few months ago one of my Mastermind group members, Ian Brodie, interviewed me on how to use PR to market a business.  Ian is an expert in the of marketing consultancy businesses and has his own insight into PR and marketing.


You can hear the whole interview by following the link to the 

Stefan-Drew-Interview with interviewer Ian Brodie.