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Gender Stereotyping in Advertising, The ASA and My Response on BBC Radio Scotland

Gender Stereotyping in AdvertsGender Stereotyping In Advertising is Being Banned as from June 2019 and the ASA Have Published Their Research & Guidance


Gender Stereotyping in Advertising is Wrong for Several Reasons.  It’s likely to offend potential and existing customers and so doesn’t make good business sense. Plus, as from June 2019,the Advertising Standards Authority could ban any adverts than break their guidance on this.

The new guidance on this was in the news this morning when it hit the media. I had an early morning call to ask me to appear on the Stephen Jardine Show on BBC Radio Scotland to discuss it. On the other side of the table was Shabnum Mustapha, ASA’s Media and Public Affairs Manager.


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PR: Getting Interview Invites From The Media

How Can PR Help Me Grow My Business?
How Can PR Help Me Grow My Business?

One of the Best Free Marketing & Promotion Opportunities a Business Can Get is to be Invited to Speak on Radio or TV About Their Field of Expertise 

You often see experts on TV, hear them on radio or read their comments in the paper. But where do the media find them? Where, at short notice, can the media find an authority to speak about a breaking story? And how can potential interviewees prepare? 


The media actually need countless numbers of experts to interview every day. And this morning it was my turn to be interviewed by Stephen Jardine on BBC Radio Scotland. Stephen wanted my views on the Build a Bear promotion. This was a promo that promised a bear that could be purchased for a price equivalent to the child’s age. So a £3 bear could be bought for a three year old. The result was long queues outside stores, people having to wait hours and the police being called in some cases. 


How to Get Media Interview Invites 

So, how did I get an invite to appear on the show to discuss this issue? In fact why was I invited back for an interview just weeks after previously being on BBC Radio Scotland?


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Gender Stereotyping in Advertising


Preparation Notes for a BBC Interview
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Gender Stereotyping Has Been Prevalent in Advertising For Far Too Long


But the ASA (Advertising Standards Authority) in the UK are now changing their codes and want to see a change.


Gender Stereotyping in ads was the topic of a recent phone-in on BBC Radio Scotland that I was invited to contribute to. The story was in response to newspaper headlines in most of the dailies and, like most calls of this type, left me with limited preparation time. 


Sensing I might be first up on the interview list, and that the debate would be polarised, I felt I had to be prepared for virtually any question from interviewer Louise White.


I frequently get these early morning calls so the challenge isn’t new. I know the thought of being interviewed on the radio, with limited notice can sound quite daunting, but over the years it has become a challenge I relish. 


How to Prepare for Radio Interviews

Feeling confident enough to say yes when a producer or researcher rings is really down to knowing how to prepare. On rare occasions, I’ve been given a few minutes to prepare and the best example of that was in 1989 when I phoned my local BBC station back in England from a call box in Berlin. A few hours before the Berlin Wall had fallen and I was on the spot. Within minutes I was on air and the cal was easy because I just reported what had happened and what I could see from the call box. Simple. 


But a call on a complex subject like Gender Stereotyping is different. You have to establish your perspective and be prepared for a myriad of questions.


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The Best Business Decision .. EVER!

Becoming a Business Start-up is Tough Decision .. Ending It Is Even Tougher

But exactly ten years ago today I walked away from corporate life and decided to go it alone.

In this situation a lot of people aim to become a millionaire as fast as they can.   Me, I wasn’t sure that was what I wanted.  I just wanted to enjoy life; to be good at what I did but have enough time to become good at cooking, to walk a lot, to become a better photographer and enjoy time with my wife.

Ironically my friend and colleague, Mike Seddon, ran his last webinar today.  Mike has terminal cancer and has been given weeks to live.  But he wanted to do something for everyone else and wanted to speak on his Last Webinar.  

This webinar had me laughing and in tears.  But I want to share it with you because  in it Mike talks about How to Run a Business and a Life. 

Mike has always run his business like I run mine.  He has had a reason for being in business, he knew what success would look like for him (not what others might expect of him), he mastered his craft, he didn’t try to be someone else (Richard Branson, Perry Marshall or any other entrepreneurial icon), he hung out with the right people (I liked this bit as he showed my photo and I’d thought I’d been hanging out with him), he enjoyed his business journey and he prepared for the future.     

Mike’s Last Webinar was recorded by Dov Gordon and can be heard by clicking the link. 

Listen to this recording, laugh and cry, but listen.  It will change your life and business perspective.

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