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Marketing Food & Drink Businesses in Bad Weather

A Big Log Fire Can Tempt Customers into Restaurants, Cafes, Tea Rooms, Pubs and Wine Bars When The Weather is Bad. Marketing Food & Drink Businesses in Bad Weather Can Be Challenging


One simple low cost technique is to make your place look warm and inviting.

Posting this and other “warming” news on social media also helps.


And if you can post positive messages on the pavement Soup Can Boost Cafe, Restaurant, Wine Bar and Pub Sales When the Weather is Badthis can help you with passing traffic.



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Lessons From a Coffee Advertising Strategy: Make Coffee An Event

How to Market Coffee. Make it an Event
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How To Market Coffee with a Coffee Advertising Strategy That Makes Drinking Coffee An Event


Before we met people for coffee or had coffee breaks there were a few coffee roasters but no coffee shops.  So the Joint Coffee Trade Publicity Council on Wall Street, New York decided to run an advertising campaign.

The year was 1921 and N.W.Ayers and Son of Philadelphia were commissioned to write the copy and get adverts running in newspapers throughout the country.

But they went further than just advertising coffee. They created a movement that has gone around the world.

Coffee Time.


Forget How To Market Coffee; Think Radical Change