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Marketing Food & Drink Businesses in Bad Weather

A Big Log Fire Can Tempt Customers into Restaurants, Cafes, Tea Rooms, Pubs and Wine Bars When The Weather is Bad. Marketing Food & Drink Businesses in Bad Weather Can Be Challenging


One simple low cost technique is to make your place look warm and inviting.

Posting this and other “warming” news on social media also helps.


And if you can post positive messages on the pavement Soup Can Boost Cafe, Restaurant, Wine Bar and Pub Sales When the Weather is Badthis can help you with passing traffic.



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How to Market a Restaurant, Coffee Shop, Café, Tea Rooms, Pub, Wine Bar and Other Food and Drink Outlets .. The Book  


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How to Market a Small, Boutique Hotel; B&B or Guest House in 2019

Gidleigh Park .. perfection on a plateMarketing a Hotel, Guest House or B&B Used to be About Advertising. Today We Have Many Other Effective Methods to Promote B&Bs, Hotels, & Guest Houses That Are Free or Low Cost. Discover How to Market a Hotel, Guest House or B&B

So Think Beyond Ways to Advertise Your Property And Devise an Effective Marketing Strategy That Allows You to Control Spend Whilst Driving Up Guest Numbers and Profit For Any Boutique Hotel, Independent Hotel, Guest House or B&B .


Here’s Our Boutique  Hotel / B&B / Guest House Marketing Checklist

(PS They Also Work For The Marketing of Lodges, Lodgings, Inns, Pubs, Hostels, Guesthouses, Gasthaus, Restaurants With Rooms, Auberge, Motels, Boarding Houses, Resorts, Cabins, Taverns, Camps, Roadhouses, Bunkbarns, Retreats, Farm Accommodation, Farmhouse B&B, Yurts, Glamping and all the other words used internationally to say the same thing!)