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The Art of Attracting Customers to Retail Shops & Foodie Places

what is perception?

Attracting Customers into Shops, Restaurants and Coffee Shops Just Got Harder.


Poor signage, poor shop fronts, rude staff, terrible food, awful window displays; the Art of Poor Service isn’t rocket science and far too many retail outlets seem to have embraced it.  

But what if you want to get great footfall and make profit? How do you achieve success.

Well, think about your recent experiences.  What made a positive impact on you and what was negative.     You may not be typical of all your customers but this is a good starting point.

But this is just the starting point.


Creating Business Growth: The Video

It Is Sometimes Too Easy To Forget How Many Free Marketing Tools There Are.

This video, on Creating Business Growth, is an example. Produced on free and low cost software it took a short while to produce.

The recording utilised an iPhone and Audacity with video being made using low cost software (but I could have used totally free software like Video Movie Maker).

Now learn more about Creating Business Growth from over 20 top marketing authorities