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How Capitals Improve Marketing .. Leading Caps

How Leading Caps Improve Marketing

leading caps
Click to enlarge is a really difficult web address to read. 



is much easier. 


It’s the same with hashtags. #secretsauce is harder to read than #SecretSauce 


So why make life difficult for potential customers? 


Why not use Leading Capitals when typing urls and hashtags? It makes no difference from a technical viewpoint, but you are trying to market to real people and they struggle with long strings of characters. They find long strings, broken up  by Leading Capitals, much easier to read. 


And that can mean more business and more profit.


Lastly, whatever you do DON’T USE ALL CAPITALS  … it is worse than all lower case. 

How to Share PowerPoint Slides Internationally in Real Time

As this post went live I was delivering a marketing session at City College in Glasgow

As I wrote the post I did’t know the size of the audience but if there was going to be anyone at the back that couldn’t see my slides 🙂 … they could go online to see this key slide about my RATES Marketing Strategy.


The reason I’m showing this is to demonstrate how it’s possible to use “no cost” technology to allow anyone, anywhere to see slides, or anything else,  in real time.  This particular slide went live after I started my morning presentation.  If I had wished I could have made each slide visible as I proceed through the presentation.

The method used is to write the post and set it up to auto-publish when you want it to go live.  And if you want an extra flourish you can set it up to also post to social media at the same time.


The great thing about this technology is that it allows you to post any webpage when you want it to go live. So you can write posts months ahead if that suits your business model.  It is great to ensure a regular stream of posts when away from the office .. such as on holiday. 

Other methods to reach people anywhere in the world include webinars and conference calls.  Depending on the technology used these can reach thousands of people at once.

As I spoke at Glasgow there were a group of people attempting to break the World Record for continuous online presentations .. and they broke the record.