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How to Optimise Chatbot Data to Increase Sales & Engagement with Pubble

There are Chatlines and SUPERB Chatlines


Marketers are missing huge opportunities by either NOT using a chatline / Chatbot … OR not realising the magic data that your chatbot is probably capturing. 


Of course, not all Chatbots allow you to get at the data I use to increase engagement and/or save a lot of money.


In this video I talk with John Dineen, CEO at Pubble, about how I've taken over 4000 online enquiries, analysed them and used the information to drive the AI Pubblebot far beyond what most people dream of. 


If you want to know more about getting a free trial of Pubble or how to drive engagement and profits with optimised data just give me a ring. 


Articles That Get 100+ Shares

Going Viral isn’t Necessary …. But Getting Plenty of Shares is Important ….


If you are going to influence a lot of people you needs to get a lot of eyes on your posts. But how do you do that? 


Content is key. Yiu have to write stuff people will see AND share. For example the post below is one I submitted to a “trade” website and has had over a hundred shares. The content is me saying what I believe to be true, it’s exactly what the readers want and like, the site has a lot of visitors and they are willing to share.


So read about the death of the conventional college and dissect it to discover what makes it work for my audience.