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Exhibition Tips: How to Stand Out Amongst Other Exhibitors

Making your Business stand out from the crowd.


Last year I attended an exhibition and re-learnt a lesson I’ve taught for many years. 

My mind went back to it today when a client asked for some advice on how to make exhibitions work for his business.


When you are one of dozens, or maybe hundreds, of businesses at an event you have to stand out from the crowd.  Look at this early morning picture and tell me which stand you’d visit.  The problem is they all look the same.


You have 5 seconds to attract visitors


Visitors often go to an event for a whole day.  But as they slowly walk up and down the aisles you have 5-8 seconds to attract their attention.  That is how long it takes to walk past your stand.   Try it.  Walk slowly across a room and see how long it takes to walk past the average two metre wide stand.  Not long!  


If the stand next to yours stands out they may not even notice you.       





Now look at this exhibition stand



It may not be totally clear what they do but obviously it is about beer and whiskey. 


This stand is much clearer than any of the others in the hall and will attract beer drinkers to take a second look, maybe stop to look at the different beers .. and get in conversation with the exhibitor. 

That has to be much better than people walking by.  


Before you email and ask what I did to make my stand stand out I’ll tell you.


Before the event I emailed lots of people to say I’d be there.  I also ran an event workshop on marketing that saw a lot of pre-event bookings and at the end of the workshop invited people to visit my stand.  I also sent out Facebook and Twitter posts as I ran the workshop (this was set up in advance and sent out automatically).


Finally my stand had a big screen that streamed YouTube videos of a hand writing and drawing pictures on the screen.  People saw this and stopped as they had never seen this sort of thing before.  My assistant started to tell everyone that it was all done by a small child we had sat under the table .. and people started to talk to us! 


The videos are here if you want to watch them.