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Sales & Marketing Strategy speaker

This is ideal for anyone in FHE that needs to consider how to improve their sales and marketing strategies and can be booked by following the link

Spend “very little” to win £150,000 of new contracts…..the Monk shows the way

People are often put off of marketing because they see it as being so expensive.  So what if you could spend "very little" and win £150,000 of new contracts by simply following a few simple marketing ideas.

One of my clients has just done that and here is her story.

Helen Scourfield runs a small training provider business in Wales.  She recently attended an effective Marketing Strategies event I'd been commissioned to write and deliver for LSIS/KPMG as part of the World Class Skills programme.

Helen went back to her office and decided to implement what she had learnt at the one day event.  Her first success was in writing a media release that went into her local paper and resulted in an enquiry within a few hours of publication.  The story was about a Monk, an island and the training provider and that story appeared on this site previously.

Helen didn't stop there.  She went on to apply herself to what she had been taught and worked on her website and on contacting all her previous customers and some new prospects.

Writing on this blog Helen comments, "I have become more proactive since attending the Marketing Strategies Course, and am now awaiting the development of a brand new Web Site. The added extra to this is that I will learn how to update the Web Site myself with both photos and news – which is absolutely brilliant. I have increased the marketing at very little cost.

The course motivated me so much, that I have been busy marketing the business since December, contacting both old and new clients. I have won contracts since to a value of about £150,000 – and its all thanks to Stefan and the sharing of his knowledge."

So clearly marketing doesn't have to be expensive.  As Helen says "I have increased the marketing at very little cost" ….. and she has secured £150,000 worth of business as a result.  The Return on Investment (ROI) on marketing is evident …… and yet so many people come on a course, or read my on line advice and fail to implement it.  Helen not only listened, she applied what she learnt ….. and in my book that makes her stand head and shoulders above her competitors.  It makes her a winner.

The secret Helen discovered wasn't about marketing …. it was about the need to take action.  I implore you to take action NOW …. apply what I suggest and if you don't know where to start contact me for the sort of help I gave Helen and you could be £150k better off as well.