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How to Maximise Website Response Rates

Forget Focusing On Gathering Email Addresses, Get Website Visitors to Phone You and Enquire or Buy


For years the advice was to get website visitors to subscribe their email details to an autoresponder or email system so you could keep in touch. 

But that neglects the fact that some customers want to "buy" now. They don't want emails and follow ups. So give them the chance to call immediately.

Set up a phone number on your site so that mobile users can click and call. Make sure the number is prominent and displayed so that people can quickly put it into a landline as well.

If you can set it up so that the number is clearly displayed when the visitor scrolls i.e. is "static" that even better. 

You can use two calls to action …. Buy Now and Phone for Details ..  or similar wording as this grabs the micro-moment the visitor is in. 

Once the visitor calls you can then obtain their contact details as part of the call … but don't jump into that too early, you need to answer their questions first. 

Email Delivery Problems: Is Email Marketing Dying?

I recently ditched my Email Lists in favour of more effective marketing tools (for me). I’m not suggesting you follow my lead on this but you do need to check what is working for you.


What was clearly working very well was my regular column in FE News.  The topic and headline were key, but overall the response rate was very good. I’m getting anything from a dozen to 170 shares from a single article; but better still the phone rings and I get messages via LinkedIn asking me to help solve business problems.

Speaking of LinkedIn. We are told it isn’t a sales tool .. and I agree. But I’m currently working on a piece of consultancy where the fee is a high five figure sum and that came in through LinkedIn. Fortunately this isn’t a one off. LinkedIn brings me in a lot of work and yet I never give out sales messages. 

The art of using columns, LinkedIn and PR is to evidence your authority and to “give in advance”. Giving in advance is easy to do. All that is needed is that you give away, to individuals or en masse, valuable advice, tips or tricks. Valuable to the recipient that is. The actual value to you might be nil or pennies. A bit of advice on a FAQ in your area is probably available on Google if someone looked,  It is the fact you give it away and demonstrate a context or similar that ads the value. 

And don’t worry about giving away your secrets. The FAQs are all answered somewhere online. What people will buy from you is probably far more than the answer to a FAQ. It is the service or product that supports it in many cases.