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How to Maximise Website Response Rates

Forget Focusing On Gathering Email Addresses, Get Website Visitors to Phone You and Enquire or Buy


For years the advice was to get website visitors to subscribe their email details to an autoresponder or email system so you could keep in touch. 

But that neglects the fact that some customers want to "buy" now. They don't want emails and follow ups. So give them the chance to call immediately.

Set up a phone number on your site so that mobile users can click and call. Make sure the number is prominent and displayed so that people can quickly put it into a landline as well.

If you can set it up so that the number is clearly displayed when the visitor scrolls i.e. is "static" that even better. 

You can use two calls to action …. Buy Now and Phone for Details ..  or similar wording as this grabs the micro-moment the visitor is in. 

Once the visitor calls you can then obtain their contact details as part of the call … but don't jump into that too early, you need to answer their questions first. 

Are You on an Email Blacklist?

Marketing Emails Can Have a Low Delivery Rate & That Damages Your Business

A lot of businesses rely on sending emails to their customers and prospects. That’s not normally a problem if you send them one at a time. But if you decide to use an autoresponder it can be a major problem. 

The reason is simple. The system you use can be blacklisted by hotmail, gmail and all the other email systems out there. If they detect a problem such as too many people putting your email into spam or if your email contains certain spam relevant words or phrases you could find that none of your emails will be received by one or more email systems. Suddenly your emails are not being read by anyone and your business is destroyed. 

But how do you know if what you are writing is likely to be put in the spam folders?

The simplest way I know is to use a software programme to check. These are built into the better mailing systems and will warn you your email looks “spammy”. They search fro the words and phrases that spammers use on a frequent basis and warn you if you are using them. 

The next thing to do is to look at the number of bounces/non delivered addresses. You will always get a few of these and often an address that has worked perfectly on the past will bounce just one and continue thereafter with no problem. But is you suddenly get a number of bounces of similar addresses e.g. a lot of individuals using yahoo or hotmail, then it might be a temporary blip (that’s rare but not unknown .. hotmail in the uk recently went down for several hours) or it is a sign that this particular email system has blacklisted you OR your mailing system.