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Giving the Customer More Information

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Follow my parcel delivery

The Downside of Online Shopping is the Delivery That Takes Place in the Real World. 

Delivery to your home probably causes you headaches. It does me.

Which day is it being delivered, what time will it be delivered? Will I be home? Will they deliver on time? 

And you never know which company is delivering it . and some are appalling when it comes to customer service. As for the drivers name .. you’ll be unlikely to ever discover your white van mans name .. its usually a man isn’t it? 

The alternative is to have it delivered elsewhere … maybe into one of those delivery boxes you find outside railway stations .. or a local shop. Both these so called solutions are problematic. The shop is closed when I get there and the drop off lockers mean I have to carry the parcel home; hardly door to door delivery is it. 


A Delivery Revelation

With satnav and email it needn’t be like that.

Yesterday I ordered an item. Today I had an email with my delivery slot. 

Pete is making a delivery to me. Where is he?

Well its simple to find out as he sent me a map with his location on it. He’s on delivery number 16 and I’m number 27. He’s currently 5 miles away in Kings Road and heading in my direction.

Technology makes it much easier to deliver both parcels and much better customer service. 


Better For Businesses

The great thing about the service I was given is that it is good for businesses.  Because I could see my delivery driver’s location I was there ready and waiting when he arrived .. I went out an met him on the drive. That saved him time and me a load of hassle. 

OK he only saved 60 seconds .. but add that up, for a lots of customers, over a year and the cost of this system is soon paid for. 


So why don’t more businesses use it to deliver quality to customers? 

What Can Bots Do? Can Bots Undertake Complex Work?

People Wonder What Bots Can Do. So I Had My Bot Make You a Video


I also recommend bots for undertaking routine, mundane admin tasks because they bore people which leads to mistakes, and cost a lot of time and money.

A bot can save you time and money .. and the stress .. and are usually really low cost to set up and run. 

The video below was made by a bot.