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200 Viral Marketing Versus Content Marketing Thoughts

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Is Content Marketing More Effective Than Viral Marketing?

I read so much about how we need to ensure our marketing goes viral. But there is an alternative. 

Certainly viral marketing can hit a lot of people very quickly and is ideal if we want to do this. For example you might want to get a message out at a specific time, say in the lead up to a sports event or as the result of a piece of breaking news. In these cases there is no doubt about it. Viral works. 

But I have a problem with viral marketing. It works for a very short while and then the message dissipates. Sure you can follow up with more viral messages but you have to be really good to write even one piece of content that goes viral. By its very nature most, but not all, viral marketing content has to be written very quickly.


The Beauty of Content Marketing

Content marketing is another story. When I write a post like this it is done quite quickly and with minimal planning. Most of the posts I write are really short notes on things that are going through my mind at that time. They have value but aren’t designed to hang around for long.

But when I want to write some evergreen content that is really important, the sort of stuff I want people to find and read for some years I tend to focus far more on the content and to cover the subject in depth.

The reason I like this type of content is simple. It hangs around in the Google search engine forever. But more importantly, if well written it is relatively easy to get it on Page One of Google .. sometimes even in the top spot on Google. And whereas viral content reaches huge audiences very quickly good content goes on reaching them for years. 

Having content high on Google has an advantage over viral content. It is found by new audiences every day, 

For example search Google for terms like …. three types of advertising .. either on its own or in a search phrase and there is a high chance you’ll find one of my posts on page one of Google. When I searched a few moments ago it beat 247 million other pages to the top spot on  See the image opposite and double click to enlarge for more detail.

Three types of advertising as part of a content marketing campaign


So yes, this is a strategy that works extremely well. 


How to Write Good Content

Writing good content isn’t difficult but it does take a bit of planning and time. But when you get on Page One of Google it is really worth it because it gets a lot of clicks from people that are actively looking for the type of content you have written. 


Short pieces of content are unlikely to get high up in the search engines. I find it needs at least 500 words and preferably a minimum of 1000 words. This is because anything less than that is unlikely to cover the topic in sufficient depth. And that means covering a lot of ground that encompasses much of the information that people search for about that topic. I’ll go into this a bit more in a minute. (In case you are wondering .. this page is over 1400 words in length).

It also means undertaking the basic SEO we should be doing on any page we want to rank. That isn’t to say we need complex SEO .. just the simple stuff that most people don’t bother with. I’ve written a lot more about this elsewhere on this site. 

Content needs to be rich in depth and breadth because it looks like Google uses a system called latent semantic indexing. All this means is that they know from their indexing what a good page of content will contain on a given subject and wil therefore expect something similar in a page they are going to put high in their index. 

Given a bit of thought these other bits of content are quite easy to ascertain .. or guess! They will often focus on questions .. see below.


Question Searchers Ask About Content Marketing 

What is content marketing
Why is content marketing important
How to create a content marketing strategy
Why content marketing works
Content marketing what is it
How to build and operate a content marketing machine
How to grow your business using content marketing
Was ist content marketing
What is b2b content marketing
What is content marketing examples
What is content marketing infographic
What is content marketing pdf
What is content marketing seo
What is content marketing video
What is content marketing wiki
Why content marketing is king
Why content marketing is the new branding
Why content marketing matters


Question Searchers Ask About Viral Marketing 

What is viral marketing
How does viral marketing work
What is viral marketing and how does it work
What does the term viral marketing mean
What is the communication process for viral marketing
How to create a viral marketing campaign


Adding More Depth to Content Marketing Articles

The above questions provide a huge amount of potential content for any article. We don’t need to write about every one of them. A section will do. And if we want to consider related topics that aren’t questions we can write a broader piece. based on, say, content marketing.

Below are approx 100 more keywords you could add. My total list is over 200 related terms .. but they get more and more obscure as the list grows! See the list at the end of this post.


Content Marketing .. My Story

I’ve been writing content rich articles, webpages and posts for years. Not all of them get to page one of Google .. some only get to page two or three. But enough of them get there for high volume search phrases that drive traffic to me site on a daily basis that I much prefer it to viral marketing. Viral marketing has its place .. but not with me. 

In some cases the content not only gets on Page One but is also provided to searchers as a Google Snippet … see the image above .. the snippet is at the top of the page in a box.  Getting snippets listed is a separate subject to getting content listed per se. But it is related and I’ll write more about that another day. 


100 Content Marketing Keywords 

content marketing
content marketing agency
what is content marketing
content marketing institute
content marketing strategy
content marketing jobs
atom content marketing
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video content marketing
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define content marketing
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Why not post a link to your best content in the comments box below?

PORE Marketing Tactics: Being Overwhelmed by Workload & Marketing Complexity

Social media overwhelm .. the world is mobileNo I’ve not spelt POOR incorrectly .. I mean PORE


PORE means Produce Once; Replicate Everywhere


In an age when we are told to promote or business on our website, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and a million other places it is easy to get overwhelmed.

And just as we start to recover from the overwhelm we are told we need to write loads of compelling content.


So how do you write content and promote your business on multiple platforms without overwhelm?




We Produce Once and Replicate Everywhere.


So as an example I’ll produce this post and then replicate it everywhere.  And to make life easy the replication will, in many cases, be automated.  It will only take me moments to post it to multiple other platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Google Plus.


Once I’ve finished writing this post I’ll use some of the automated tools, that are built into this blog, to circulate it widely.  By clicking selected boxes on the “compose pane” it will be distributed to Facebook and Twitter as soon as it is published.  This is totally effortless on my part except the need to tick a few boxes.


Once published I can then go to the published page and use the share buttons to post to over 300 places around the web. 


Then of course I can also use hashtags to make my post visible to even more people. 


So this post might be hashtagged #marketing #content #marketingcontent #howto  etc.  The limit of the hashtags I can use is only limited by my imagination and the relevence of the content.  I needn’t post all these hashtags at once.  I could come back and use different hashtags over time. 


I could also update my post some time in the future and recycle it again at that stage .. complete with extra and new information. 


Finally I can post links to related posts on this page and maximise the impact that previous articles and posts enjoy.  You could do this by adding internal links manually or you could use any of the dozens of plugins that exist to do this automatically.


This post is for Rachel and Lisa plus anyone else who is currently considering how to market their business more effectively.