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Marketing Food & Drink Businesses in Bad Weather

A Big Log Fire Can Tempt Customers into Restaurants, Cafes, Tea Rooms, Pubs and Wine Bars When The Weather is Bad. Marketing Food & Drink Businesses in Bad Weather Can Be Challenging


One simple low cost technique is to make your place look warm and inviting.

Posting this and other “warming” news on social media also helps.


And if you can post positive messages on the pavement Soup Can Boost Cafe, Restaurant, Wine Bar and Pub Sales When the Weather is Badthis can help you with passing traffic.



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Restaurant Marketing: Dress Codes & Staff Dress

Dress codes for statff are essential in some restaurants
Staff Dress Codes Vary Between Restaurants and Cafes

Restaurant Marketing: Dress Codes and Staff Dress


Some establishments insist on dress codes and believe they set the tone of the establishment. It might be that beach wear isn’t allowed or that shirts must be worn, or it might be that gentlemen must wear jackets and ties.


This may not sound as if it has much to do with marketing, but it has. Customer perception is an important part of your marketing effort and you can influence it in many ways, including dress code and staff uniform.


The dress code you decide on will be a reflection of you and your establishment. There are no right or wrong answers. The pub that insists that muddy boots are to be left at the door is no better or worse that the restaurant that insists on jackets and ties. They are just different and aiming at a different clientele.