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Restaurant Marketing: Dress Codes & Staff Dress

Dress codes for statff are essential in some restaurants
Staff Dress Codes Vary Between Restaurants and Cafes

Restaurant Marketing: Dress Codes and Staff Dress


Some establishments insist on dress codes and believe they set the tone of the establishment. It might be that beach wear isn’t allowed or that shirts must be worn, or it might be that gentlemen must wear jackets and ties.


This may not sound as if it has much to do with marketing, but it has. Customer perception is an important part of your marketing effort and you can influence it in many ways, including dress code and staff uniform.


The dress code you decide on will be a reflection of you and your establishment. There are no right or wrong answers. The pub that insists that muddy boots are to be left at the door is no better or worse that the restaurant that insists on jackets and ties. They are just different and aiming at a different clientele.


How Customer Service Helps Market the Hospitality and Catering Sector


Customer Service - A Smile Costs Nothing
A Smile Costs Nothing

If you don’t know the value of a smile, then you don’t understand customer service and its contribution to marketing. Customers don’t want to see scowling or negative staff when they visit your establishment and they want a positive response when they phone to make a reservation. Believe it or not when you and answer the phone and smile the customer can hear that smile down the phone line.


Of course, customer service takes more than a smile, but it is a good starting point. What customers want when they visit us is more than food and drink in most cases. They want an experience. Going out for a drink or meal has become more than just a matter of eating for sustenance.  It has become a social affair.


So, customers want to not only experience meeting friends, they also want the whole experience to be positive.




How to Market a Restaurant, Pub or other Eating Place: Cuisine Types

Choosing Your Cuisine Type

How to Market a Restaurant, Pub or other Eating Place: Cuisine Types
How to Market a Cafe Pub or other Eating Place: Cuisine Types

Many people don’t give the type of establishment or cuisine they will specialise in much thought. This has always mystified me a little as it is one of the most fundamental parts of marketing.


Running a pub, restaurant, cafe or tea rooms is about running a business. If you are in catering or customer service to make money you need to give this very serious thought.


OK, so your dream has always been to open a tea room, pub or restaurant. But don’t do this to the detriment of making a profit. However much you want to live your dream you need to make a profit, or the dream will soon end up with you bankrupt.


Look around you. What are the latest trends in the industry? Pubs are closing, and beer sales are dropping in the U.K. as I write this. But microbreweries and craft beers have been growing fast and continue to grow.


Quirky tea shops, in hidden locations, can be very attractive when well marketed to discerning customersA few decades ago the American coffee chains were a revelation to the British public. Starbucks brought in a choice of coffees and comfortable leather sofas. It was luxury that soon caught on in the U.K. We loved it.


But whilst the big coffee chains have grown there is a definite move away from the idea of queuing to place a coffee order then queuing again to collect it before finding a sofa to sit on.


Many of us still want sofas, Wi-Fi and newspapers but we don’t want to queue.


How Important is Location When Marketing a Restaurant, Cafe, Coffee Shop, Tea Shop, Pub or Wine Bar?

A Restaurant in the African Veldt .. A Remote Location
A Restaurant in the African Veldt .. A Remote Location

The Importance of Location (Place) When Marketing a Restaurant, Cafe or Teashop


Before we go too deeply into marketing there are a few other things to consider. The first is your location. Now you might think it is too late to consider this as you already have an establishment and that means it has a fixed location.


True …. and false.


You see whilst the physical location is always fixed there are many ways in which your location is far from fixed. Let me explain.


As well as being in a fixed location you have several other options open to you.