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The Advertising Secrets the Ad Reps Dont Want You to Know

Learn About Effective Advertising From An Advertising Authority


Over the last 30 years I’ve spent £millions on effective advertising. But the sad is that most advertising doesn’t work. Discover my secrets and ensure you avoid the expensive traps others fall into.


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Is SEO Simpler Than We Were Told?


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SEO is a Black Art, SEO is Science-Based, SEO is Difficult, SEO is Time Consuming, SEO is Expensive. I’ve Been told that SEO is Expensive, Time Consuming, a Black Art, Science-Based and much more over the years. Wrong .. at Least in Many Cases. But Is SEO Simpler Than We Were Told?

I’ve been carrying out a series of SEO tests for a book I’ve just written. To test my SEO theories I’ve produced a relevant webpage and posted it on my website. The SEO I’ve done is VERY basic. It shouldn’t work according to all the advice I’m given. But it does work and I’ll prove it to you in the next few minutes .. in fact, you can test my page online and see what results you personally get from Google.  

The book is about How to Market a Restaurant, Coffee Shop, Café, Tea Rooms, Pub, Wine Bar and Other Food and Drink Outlets and my page focuses on Fair Trade Coffee shops in Naples, Florida. 


Test my SEO Results for Yourself 

So here’s the test. Get on your favourite browser and search for somewhere that serves Fair Trade coffee in Naples, FL. If my page is well optimised you should see me on Page One of your browser. If not .. well clearly SEO is harder than I thought. 

In case you wonder why I’m so confident here are some of the results of a similar test I carried out on LinkedIn.

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This is the result from Joe in Dublin. 

I was right at the top of the page when Joe searched and I’ll be discussing how I did it on Joe’s radio show later in the year. 


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Then there’s a result from Andrew in New Zealand. Andrew found me at position 4 on Page One of Google.





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On the other side of the world, in the UK, my page is still being found on Page One of Google by Chris.

I’ve now had dozens of replies to my request to test the page and every one of them has resulted in a Page One result. 

In a sense, I wish I’d had a few that didn’t work as these results make it look like I’m using a cheap blackhat trick. They make me sound like those people that email with a promise of guaranteed Page One positions. 


No one can guarantee you a Page One position. It isn’t possible with a 100% guarantee. 

But what can be done is to learn how to produce pages that stand a better than average chance of getting on Page One of the Search Engine Results  (SERPS).

The answer is to write good content and undertake the most basic SEO practices. Honestly, that’s all I’ve done. There have been no special technical techniques used and no secret tricks of any kind used.

I’ve just thought about what people are expecting when they make a search for Fair Trade Coffee in Naples and written content that fits that scenario. Then I’ve done the most basic SEO possible. The things I explain on this blog from time to time. Things like basic title, header and image SEO. Nothing more than that.


Learn More About SEO 

If you want to read more about how to do this just pick up my book. There are several sections that explain how it’s done. You can adapt them to fit any webpage and start to get better results immediately. 


Here’s a link to the book, How to Market a Restaurant, Coffee Shop, Café, Tea Rooms, Pub, Wine Bar and Other Food and Drink Outlets on Amazon. 




How to Get More Work Than You Can Cope With

Want to pick and choose your customers?Using Free Marekting to create business growth

If you have a full sales pipleine it’s possible. I know; because that is the position I’m in. And a few weeks ago a consultant I greatly admire interviewed me on this topic. Michael Zipursky is someone I’ve know a few years now and he contributed a chapter to one of my best sellers Creating Business Growth 


The interview Michael and I did is now available on his website


See Stefan Drew on The Magic of Specializing 



How To Use a Book To Win Clients & Leverage Sales

How to win  more clientsWriting a Book Is the Start of The Winning Clients Process

As you probably know I’ve written several books. Most have been bestsellers.  You might think that is the end of the process in building authority and winning clients.  But it isn’t.

Publishing a book is just the start of the process.  Getting best seller status is the next step .. but then the fun really begins.

You see being a best seller is not extraordinary these days.  As someone that has been a best seller in many countries I have to say it is relatively easy.  The real trick of making a book work for you and your business is what you do next.