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PR: Getting Interview Invites From The Media

How Can PR Help Me Grow My Business?
How Can PR Help Me Grow My Business?

One of the Best Free Marketing & Promotion Opportunities a Business Can Get is to be Invited to Speak on Radio or TV About Their Field of Expertise 

You often see experts on TV, hear them on radio or read their comments in the paper. But where do the media find them? Where, at short notice, can the media find an authority to speak about a breaking story? And how can potential interviewees prepare? 


The media actually need countless numbers of experts to interview every day. And this morning it was my turn to be interviewed by Stephen Jardine on BBC Radio Scotland. Stephen wanted my views on the Build a Bear promotion. This was a promo that promised a bear that could be purchased for a price equivalent to the child’s age. So a £3 bear could be bought for a three year old. The result was long queues outside stores, people having to wait hours and the police being called in some cases. 


How to Get Media Interview Invites 

So, how did I get an invite to appear on the show to discuss this issue? In fact why was I invited back for an interview just weeks after previously being on BBC Radio Scotland?


The Benefits of Being Seen as an Authority

Authorities Are The Real Deal

So becoming an Authority is what we need to do if we are to be the “go to person” that commands the top income. Authorities are the real deal. 

When you are an authority people chase you .. cue the phone ringing this morning.


Being Seen as An Authority

I’ve been fortunate enough to be seen as a marketing authority for several decades and this morning the phone rang and I was asked if I’d be willing to be interviewed on BBC Radio Scotland. 

They were doing a piece on why the Scots eat less fruit and veg than the rest of the UK ….. and how marketing could improve things.

So 30 minutes later I was on radio with a lot of people listening to me as I partook in a three way conversation with the presenter Stephen Jardine and Pete Richie from Nourish Scotland. 

Pete talked about some Kantar research and I went on to talk about how government, supermarkets and parents can encourage (market) kids to eat more fruit and veg. 


Free Marketing 

As a marketing consultant I love free marketing. Why pay loads of money for advertising and all those other paid for channels when, as an authority, you can get a steady stream of enquiries simply because you are an authority? 


On average I take part in a national radio programme or appear in the national press about once a month. It provides me with huge amounts of national coverage and significant credibility. It’s hugely important to my business. 


Want to become an Authority? Contact me and I’ll introduce you to someone I’ve worked with for years, Ian Brodie. Or just go direct to his website and check out his thoughts on being an authority.