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Transcription Service by the Hour

TrintNeed to transcribe a video, audio or dictation?  

There are various transcription services available in every country and even more overseas. Some charge per minute of audio or video and some by the hour.

Trint charges by the hour and has three usage levels and, as I write this, a free 30-minute trial.

Probably worth testing if you need transcription work undertaken.

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How To Use a Book To Win Clients & Leverage Sales

How to win  more clientsWriting a Book Is the Start of The Winning Clients Process

As you probably know I’ve written several books. Most have been bestsellers.  You might think that is the end of the process in building authority and winning clients.  But it isn’t.

Publishing a book is just the start of the process.  Getting best seller status is the next step .. but then the fun really begins.

You see being a best seller is not extraordinary these days.  As someone that has been a best seller in many countries I have to say it is relatively easy.  The real trick of making a book work for you and your business is what you do next. 


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How to Convert Any Audio File to MP3

Convert Audio files into MP3 or MP4Every Recording System Seems To Have Its Own File Type


Not every editing suite or software system recognises the more obscure file type and you can end up spending a lot of time and money trying to convert them.


Now there is a free way to convert virtually any file into a MP3 or MP4 format.

Follow the link for more information.


Or paste the following link into your browser.


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My Recommended Good Copyright Free Music Source For Your Projects

copyright free musicFinding Good Copyright Free Music Can be a Nightmare.


I’ve needed music for a number of projects in recent weeks.  Projects have included animated videos, movies, adverts etc.  When searching for new sources I found this site .. Melody Loops.


You have to pay for an initial licence for each piece but thereafter use is copyright appears to be free (please read the small print yourself as conditions and rules do change over time).  Big discounts are also available but with starting prices of just $10 getting a licence for one piece isn’t going to be a deal breaker.  

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