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Pricing Strategies: Value Based Pricing

What value does your product or service offer? 

What can you, or should you, charge for it? 


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How to Rapidly Communicate a Message to Your Audience

Einstein once said that if you couldn’t explain an idea to a six year old you probably didn’t really understand it yourself.


But ideas can be really difficult to simplify and make understandable .. and that includes your business ideas.

Here’s a simple idea about how to simplify ideas. 


The video below takes what could be a complex topic and reduces it to a few simple words. 

Can you simplify your business benefits or ideas like this?


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RATES Marketing Strategy: Market Your Business More Effectively

An Effective Marketing Strategy is essential in Business.


This video introduces the RATES Marketing Strategy which is now being used by hundreds of organisations across the UK.  Watch this and the five supporting videos in the series.


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Advanced Thinking about Marketing, Thinking and Inspirational Places in 2019

How To Use Advanced Thinking To Clear Your Mind And Become More Creative Today


A lot of my clients tell me that they really struggle to find time for marketing. They see it as very time consuming and impossible to achieve. The outcome is they tend to do something quick or easy, such as a quick advert so they can then convince themselves that they have “done some marketing”. This isn’t productive or an effective use of their time …. But I do understand where they are coming from .. and I have a solution.


You see I also struggle to find time to do all the marketing I ought to do. For years I’ve known I ought to invest some time in making videos. Videos are a really powerful way to market any business. The problem I’ve had is that I thought they were time consuming to produce … until I used some advanced thinking, taught myself how to use some video making software and produced my first video … on the topic of Advanced Thinking Strategies.


The amazing thing is it only took me a few hours from deciding to do it to producing the finished video. It all came about because I am working on a project to help a corporate client with their thinking and self-belief. I wanted to demonstrate to them that when you have to solve problems it sometimes helps if you leave the office and find an inspirational place in which to relax …. and how often this solves the problem. I also wanted to demonstrate that our believing something is possible often makes it possible.


So I found an inspirational place, saw a way to make videos very quickly and, now having self-belief, made my first video. Decide for yourself whether video is a good marketing channel, quick to produce and whether these advanced thinking techniques would help you achieve your marketing objectives by watching the Advanced Thinking in Inspirational Places video. In a later post I’ll tell you what software I used to make my video (it is a free programme).

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