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Stefan DrewThe BBC regularly introduce me as The Marketing Magician.  They tell me it is because they see me producing really effective marketing ideas "out of thin air". 

Clients say they work with me because they get a "clear ROI" (Return on Investment) from my work with them.

We have focused our business on giving great customer satisfaction and have attracted customers, literally from around the world, through the use of low cost, often nil cost, marketing ideas that really do work for them.  


Recent clients include: -

 South Essex College

I spent 16 months as Interin Head of Marketing at South Essex.

This followed some work I caried out for a number of Essex based colleges on Shared Marketing Services.

Achievements include restructuring the marketing team, £180k+ saving on consumables leading to the introduction of a 20% marketing budget reduction, increased digital marketing, a “responsive” website, recruitment of new managers and head of department, mentoring SLT and delivering key training sessions on marketing across faculties, resulting in a 31%  increase in applications.


 My work over a 15 month period with KPMG was as Lead Consultant on the LSIS funded World Class Skills project.  I travelled thousands of miles nationwide delivering events I'd been commissioned to write, providing marketing and management advice and guidance as well as coaching and mentoring to the CEO, directors, managers and staff in dozens of colleges and training providers.


People told me that they liked my practical, down to earth approach and my low cost marketing ideas and we achieved some significant results (impact measures for those that attended my Training & Organisational Needs Analysis sessions).  For example after attending a National Skills Academy marketing event I ran in Leicester, Helen Scourfield implemented one idea and was soon to be seen in her local paper with a monk!    

After implementing more a few more ideas from the day Helen wrote that she had booked £150,000 of additional work at virtually no cost. 


80 Portuguese based SMEs

I've now worked with over 80 Portuguese based companies via workshops, one-to -one mentoring, and consultancy.



Protocol is the pre-eminent recruitment company serving the UK college sector.  I've trained their staff, mentored their directors, delivered training courses for them and conducted a number of consultancy and interim assignments for them.

Holidays on Location

My first contact with HOL; a family run company in Melbourne, Australia, was when someone from the business that Googled for marketing advice, found my site and signed up to my newsletter.  Months went by and an email arrived with a question about one of my pieces of free advice.  I answered and a few months later another question was emailed to me.  

To cut a long story short I was eventually asked to quote for some consultancy work and we discussed my quote on the phone .. they are eleven time zones from my office ... and Jeanette and husband Leo then became clients.  HOL packages holidays, mainly in Europe, which are sold by High Street retailers across the globe. They have some great brochures and packages at 


Warwickshire College

My role at Warwickshire was to advise the Principal on stratetgic, PR and marketing issues following their merger with Pershore College (I also advised Pershore on their pre merger marketing).  My consultancy  included establishing an Employer Engagement group to aadvise the College.  I advised they appoint Prof Stefan Buczacki as the College’s first Honorary Fellow and asked him to chair the Employer Engagement/Industry Liaison Group that includes the CEOs and MDs of the UKs leading horticultural bodies and businesses.  Years later this group is still going strong and is integral to the growth of the College.

I also advised on all aspects of generic and online marketing and have senior staff. 


Immediately after teh assignment was completed CEO, Ioan Morgan, wrote,

"Warwickshire College employs very few consultants but has employed Stefan on the basis of a clear ROI. ...  and in recommending me to other universities, colleges and government departments wrote "(he) will become indispensable."


Paignton Zoo

We were recommended by another client to develop marketing and Emarketing strategies for their Living Coasts re-launch. 



 The UK Unix Users Group, whose membership includes IT Directors from leading UK corporates and universities, sought advice on e-marketing to drive up membership and national conference attendance.


City of Bristol College

We were asked to deisgn and pilot two, two-day courses on Marketing for FE colleges and Sales for College Business Development staff.  


National Skills Acdemy for Financial Services

We advised NSAFS on several marketing topics and spoken at one of their events in Lloyds Register.


Sector Training

We've now presented many workshops on LMI, marketing and diverse other topics for Beej Kavzmarzyk and the Sector Training team. 

Hundreds of businesses advised by Stefan Drew

Over the years we have worked with and advised all types of businesses, government departments, charities, non-profits, micro businesses, sole traders and multinationals.  We have clients with in a few miles of our Head Office  ... some on the other side of the world, 12,000 miles away ... and lots in between.  People from over 100 countries regularly visit our websites, read our regular columns or listen to us on radio (the BBC introduce me as The Marketing Magician).


Our mission is to make all our clients great at marketing


The problem is that most people don't understand marketing .... and this applies to many marketing professionals .... they think marketing is easy and that anyone can do it. 

The reality is that marketing is very simple and most people can master it quite quickly.... BUT only if they have to make an effort to learn and apply a few simple rules.

Sadly most marketing courses don't embrace these simple rules.  Many courses are very academic and lack practical application.  For example although people "Google" for information most marketing degrees don't cover  E-marketing.

Even worse is the fact that most people start their marketing by placing an advert; and yet very few adverts actually work.  The most effective form of advertising (and it is very effective and extremely low cost when used correctly), is PPC (Pay Per Click) and yet it is rarely taught on professional marketing courses.  


Our aim .......  for businesses large and small, for education and training providers, for charities and corporates. ... is ..... 

To give you access to the most effective marketing and management strategies available, to make you exceptional at marketing and to ensure your organisation is recognised as outstanding.


What we do

Put simply we offer you the means to make your business stand out from the crowd and become outstanding.

We do this by understanding your businesses aims and providing you with effective marketing and management strategies that centre on your values, goals and objectives. We aim to keep costs down and results on the up.


Learn more about us by checking out our YouTube videos


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What our customers say

What Our Clients Say

As Principal I employed very few consultants but did employ Stefan on the basis of a clear ROI.

I would recommend him to any college, university, business or Government agency as a reliable consultant who will become indispensable.

Ioan Morgan CBE
Latterly FE College Principal & CEO,

He certainly does what he says on the tin...... I've worked with Stefan for many years and he has an uncanny knack of cutting through the ****, focussing on the essentials and coming up with creative and inexpensive marketing ideas that work.

David Morphew

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity “Stefan was an expert on one of our recent teleseminars speaking about Marketing Secrets Revealed. He gave some fantastic value and gave some great tips that small business owners could use to apply to their businesses straight away. You can get a copy of the recording at I have no hesitation recommending Stefan and think he's great at marketing. It's certainly no accident that he's known as the Marketing Magician.

Helen Dowling

“Stefan was our speaker at a memorable CIM course recruitment event a few years ago. In an hour he covered a wide range of EMarketing topics giving the audience both inspiration and actions they could take with them to implement immediately. Even those that had recently completed marketing degrees commented how practical his advice was and how it clarified what they had previously only learnt in an academic way. Stefan's practical background as a marketing practitioner comes to the fore when he explains, not only what EMarketing is, but how to implement it in a practical way where the ROI can be measured.”.

Rosie Phipps, Principal, Oxford College of Marketing

“Apart from being a incredibly friendly and approachable person, Stefan has a wealth of knowledge in how to effectively market small and large businesses and has applied this knowledge with great success. In short Stefan is a real marketing guru!.

Steve Tipson

““Stefan Drew is a true marketing professional. I have no hesitation in recommending Stefan's marketing expertise. My first contact with Stefan was in 2009. The distance of our office locations (U.K. vs. Australia) did not concern me as it was evident from our first international phone call that my company was in good hands. 2010 presented the GFC which brought with it many marketing & financial challenges. By following Stefan's marketing plan to the letter I could never have imagined such a successful outcome for my business. Thank you Stefan.”.

Jeanette Adams

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