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How NewsJacking With Video Raises Your PR Profile

nEWSJACKING WITH vIDEO AND RADIOPR is often considered to be expensive and slow. But NewsJacking With Video is Fast, Inexpensive and Very Effective.

Let me explain the basic techniques.


How NewsJacking With Video (or Radio/Audio) Works

  1. Select a Breaking News Story from the printed media or online.
  2. Write a short response
  3. Convert your response into a video
  4. Post your response on selected websites, blogs, social media etc.
  5. Send a link to relevant people e.g. Tweet and include a reporters twitter handle

Below is my response to a story I read on the BBC website at 9 am. By 9.50 am I’d written a short response and converted it into a video using  AI powered video making software. In a few minutes this software takes my written copy, adds images and asks me to approve it. I make any adjustments I want and click onto a music track from their library.

In the 50 minutes I’d also added the completed video to YouTube and posted the link to a niche website , FE News, where I write a regular column.

This was then shared via social media .. don’t forget to add hashtags to ensure a bigger audience.


Here’s the original BBC article

Below is my video and below that is my written content that is in the video.



NewsJacking Video Content 


‘Universities at risk if they admit to cash crisis’

Writes Sean Coughlan on the website

And the person that reportedly uttered the news is Nick Hillman, director of the Higher Education Policy Unit

With at least one university having had to rely on a bailout from the Office for Students recently, and several more reportedly near the wire, the situation for universities and students looks dire.

With universities being worried that to admit to financial difficulty will damage recruitment, staff retention and research funding, how much transparency should we expect from universities?

Will universities be allowed to fail and what would happen to students at a university that failed?

Arguably, with a demographic downturn, concerns over the increase in unconditional offers plus concerns over the value of many degree courses, the sector needs a shakeup.

My advice to students is to carry out due diligence.

Ask universities, in writing, for a statement about their current financial situation and their financial projections for the next 4-5 years before applying or accepting a place.

As for the universities they should take note of the insolvency regime that now covers further education colleges and expect to be treated in the same way in new legislation that is undoubtedly just around the corner.


Does NewsJacking Guarantee Success?

Absolutely NOT. There are few marketing tactics where success is guaranteed. And even fewer PR tactics.

But of course it depends a bit on what your measure of success is.

What NewsJacking does do is produced a response to something in the news at a time when the rest of the media are likely to be looking for comment from an “expert”. Newsrooms are desperate for comment on current and breaking news stories and often have only an hour or so to add their take/slant on a topical story.

Send the above video to a relevant newsroom, reporter or researcher, as well as following the other tips above, and you can be on air or in a studio within minutes. In newsrooms it all happens very quickly. And don’t forget newsrooms can take any soundtracks you’ve produced, edit them, and air them very quickly.

I haven’t yet added a  voiceover to my video .. but can record one on my phone, and upload it, in 3-4 minutes  All I need to do is read the copy I wrote. It’s very simple.

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