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How to Use Animated Business Cards

Animated Business Cards Animated Business Cards Are a Great Way to Promote Your Business Online. They Are Effective Ten Second Long Videos That Can Be Used on websites, in Emails, & on Social Media.


Over the next few weeks I’m going to be testing how to use animated business cards in a variety of situations.


Keep an eye out for update reports and suggestions of where they have worked well .. and where they haven’t.


How to Use Animated Business Cards – Lessons From Practical Applications

Being “new” animated cards are noticeable. But being noticed is a vanity metric and isn’t the same as doing business.

To do business with an animated card we need both a compelling message AND a Call to Action (CTA). My first animated card fails here. It’s different , but it’s neither compelling and it doesn’t have a CTA. Why should anyone contact me having seen this card? I need to do better.

The next version will be more focused and will have a CTA. Watch this space.


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