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How To See Prototypes Without Building Them

Animated graphics or Motion graphics videos offer many promotional and advertising opportunities to businesses of all sizes Building a Prototype is Time Consuming and Very Expensive

Getting a prototype from the drawing board in to the real world can take years of expensive and time consuming work.

Image how long it took to take the submarine in these videos from the drawing board to sea trials in the snowy North Atlantic. Imagine the cost and hard work.

A submarine is a lot of expensive high spec engineering where there can be no compromise on quality.

And in the past manufacturers had to wait for them to roll off the slipways in shipbuilding yards, often miles from where they were designed, before they could produce videos of their subs both above and below the deepest oceans.


Almost Instant Prototyping

Now watch the submarine as it cruises at high speed on the surface through an inhospitable ocean.

What if I told you this was just days after the submarine design was completed?


It’s true this video was made in the few days after the design was completed. No sub was built but video was still produced.

It’s a bit like Magic .. and perhaps you’d expect that from the Marketing Magician.  But this submarine only exists as bits in a computer.

It’s a superb example of the type of animation we’ve come to expect from Hollywood and the best British animation studios.

But it was produced by a friend of mine in his studio 10 minutes from my office.


And here’s another one. This time the sub is in shallow water and you can see the ocean floor as we zoom into it.


Underwater Submarine Animation 

And it isn’t just submarines on the surface that can be produced at low cost. The underwater scenes he creates are superb as well.



What Do Animated Motion Videos Cost?

Building a submarine from scratch is going to cost millions. Knock a lot of noughts off that figure and that’s what a Motion Graphic Video will cost you. Videos like these can be produced in a warm cosy studio in the UK in a few days at minimal cost compared with building a sub!

It means that the price is within reach of small businesses that want to showcase low cost items like a log burner, speaker units or even a paint brush!

All the above are products that my colleague, Mark Mitchell, has produced videos for in recent months. You have to see the paint brush one. It was made for a British household name and goes straight to the point.

And the speaker video makes the highly technical very simple to visualise and understand.

When it comes to education Russell Group Universities use Mark’s expertise to showcase their research and other facilities as they write the next chapter in their history.

All these videos are memorable and low cost. You can see them via the links above.

If you want a motion graphics video to bypass the time and expense of prototyping or make a complex issue simple to understand contact Mark for a chat on 01404 52922

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