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Marketing: Getting the Basics Right

Getting the Low Cost Marketing Basics Right is Essential if You Are to Market EffectivelyGetting the Low Cost Marketing Basics Right is Essential if You Are to Market Effectively.

So Many Businesses Focus on Complex Marketing and Sales Strategies and Fail To Utilise The Basics That Cost Nothing But Time to Implement.


For example why would you spend large sums and time on your website and SEO before you’ve got to the top of Google Search? Look at the image at the top of this post. For the term Marketing Consultant I’ve dominated the search results on Page One of Google. The page starts with paid for ads (why pay when you can succeed without?), then Google supplies a map with the marketing consultants they recommend at the top.

In my view any marketing consultant worth their salt should be on this list and have plenty of Google Stars so they stand out. In the image above, as you can see, I’m the only one with Google Stars. That’s part of the reason I dominate search.

Any business can do what I’ve done. They can get better results than the marketing consultants that fail to utilise this simple tactic.  Of course you could pay them a fortune to advise you but they are hardly likely to advise using a very effective marketing tactic when they fail to use it themselves.

Google My Business, The Basics

The system I’m using is run by Google under their Google My Business Banner. It works best for venue or location based businesses. That includes retail, gyms, hotels, bars, coffee shops, … as you can imagine the list is long.

The other thing to consider is that it works best for local locations. Google will show results near the searcher .. they know where the searcher is from their IP address. Obviously that means if the searcher is 100 miles from you the chances of showing up is low. But it is not impossible.

Google wants to show the best result for the searcher. And that means if there are no business nearby they will show those further away. The way they do this is based on a complex algorithm. No one has the details of this algo but we are now showing up as the recommended business on a regional basis in some cases. And in one case we know about we are number one for half the country.  So although no one fully understands the algo in its entirety we have managed to suss out quite a lot.

And being recommended by Google at the top of the search pages is a definite winning marketing tactic for  any business.

We now use over a dozen ways to maintain our control of our position on Google My Business and can help other businesses to get on Page One as well. It’s not rocket science, but most businesses (and marketing consultants) have no understanding of Google My Business, how to get Google Stars, how to manage their profile and optimise their advantages.

Google My Business is a great way to get free advertising.


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