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Stefan Drew - The Marketing Magician

Customers From the Other Side of the World Seek Our Help …Australian Clients Seek Marketing Magician’s Help

We not only serve local businesses with great marketing ideas and support. Customers from the other side of the world seek our help.

Way back in noughties we had an email from a business in Melbourne, Australia. The owner, Jeanette, asked us for help marketing her holiday business.


We spent time on the phone with her and her husband .. they were 11000 miles away. And eventually came up with a marketing strategy and plan we believed would work.


Watch the 20 second video and discover what Jeanette thought of our plan



We Save Businesses Money

Businesses tell us that not only do we improve sales we save them money.

A UK based client saw a £180k marketing budget saving and a 31% increase in sales
… whilst another saw an additional £150k income after just a few emails & phone calls



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