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Free Marketing Frees Up Your CashFree and Low Cost Marketing Techniques Allow You to Dramatically Cut Your Marketing Costs

Many people tell me nothing good in marketing is ever free; but I disagree. For example email is free and many professional marketers rely on it (sometimes perhaps over rely on it).

And social media is free. You can join Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and many other social media platforms at no cost. This is free marketing at it’s best.



Time Is Money so is this Really Free Marketing?

True, time is money. So in that sense there is a cost to using these Free Marketing Techniques, Tactics and Strategies.

So let me explain what I mean by Free Marketing. I mean any form of marketing that doesn’t entail spending money .. or any additional money.

The Additional Money bit confuses a lot of people so let me explain in more detail.  Some marketing requires us to make an initial outlay, after that everything else is effectively free. It is what I’d describe as Fixed Cost Marketing.


What is Fixed Cost Marketing?

What you are reading here is a great example of Fixed Cost Marketing. I’ve had an initial cost in producing my website and have an annual fee for things like the domain name (URL). But there is no limit on the number of blogs i can post on here. There’s no limit to the number of people I can reach by my website automatically posting each new post on to social media .. if the post os really good it could go viral and the cost would be my initial fixed cost outlay and nothing more.

My phone is another example of a Fixed Cost Marketing opportunity. Both my landline and mobile are fixed cost per month. The number of calls I make is not fixed. Any additional calls cost nothing at all.

But beware the use of mobile phones to send texts and images. This is limited and additional use will cost more.


Is Photography Free Marketing?

Buy a camera or mobile phone and you can take as many digital images as you want at no extra cost. In my book that means this is a Free Marketing opportunity. Images on free social media sites such as Pinterest can be hugely effective in many cases. Use something like Canva to add text and you can produce anything from a Facebook banner or book cover to a poster at nil cost. .


Learn more about marketing

How to Market any Business Without Spending Money is the first chapter in my book on Creating Business Growth. The bonus is you get chapters from 20 of the best marketing brains I know. Buy a hard copy or ebook on Amazon. 

Using Free MArekting to create business growth

Free Marketing from Creating Business Growth





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