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How To Track Website Visitors by Business Name

Software to Track Website Visitors by Business Name
Software Report: Website Visitors Tracking by Business Name

There are several pieces of software to Track Website Visitors and a few techniques you can use to identify visitors to your site and then build rapport with them. 

Assuming we have a well-structured site and a search bar it shouldn’t be too hard for visitors to find what they need. But sadly this isn’t true. I see evidence every day of visitors not being able to navigate even the best-structured websites .. or just being too lazy to do so. 


So the first step is to ensure that visitors can ask questions if they can’t find what they want. A very obvious chat button can help as can a simple, easy to use contact form. Chat today is quite sophisticated. It can be AI-powered and very quick to answer FAQs.

Track Website Visitors 

The next step is to be in a position to track and identify visitors that don’t ask questions. Clearly, if someone has only stayed for a few seconds they are not very interested in your site or offer. But what if they stay several minutes, maybe even an hour?

There are software systems that track this via a small piece of code that sits on your web pages and tracks the IP address of visitors. Some of these systems are quite expensive but I’ve recently been using a free one. And it is excellent. 

It tracks the IP address of the visitor and then uses an IP database to identify the business concerned. Note it doesn’t identify people .. so no GDPR issues here. As it tracks and identifies them it records the source of the visitor e.g. search engine etc.,  which pages they visit and for how long. It can even determine if repeat visitors are the same people or not!


Long Dwell Times

I said earlier that people may stay for an hour. See the image above for evidence of this.

It seems an incredible time to stay on a site but some of my pages consist of thousands of words, images and up to ten videos in a single post. These pages have huge dwell times and are on Page One of Google for numerous keyword searches. 

In addition to the businesses visiting I also have large numbers of individuals visiting these key pages. 


Knowing the businesses that visit isn’t going to get you business

The next step is to try to identify who visited. You can’t build rapport with anonymous people! 

Some of the software systems now show you the people in the business that are on LinkedIn. Armed with this knowledge you can sift through the list to see who is most likely to be interested in the page(s) visited. Clearly, if they visit a page selling commercial kitchen equipment it’s more likely to be a chef than the guy on despatch or in IT.  

This stage is a bit speculative and takes a bit of intuition. I didn’t promise it was an easy or totally foolproof process. But it works on a regular basis so have a go. 

If the software doesn’t show LinkedIn profiles you might also need to do this manually. But it doesn’t take long and is sometimes quicker as you can select by location and other parameters. 

Once you have selected staff that are on LinkedIn you can either preview their profile and see if they then look at yours or link with you. Or you can ask to link and explain that you’ve had people from their business visiting your website and wondered if it might be them. 

I can’t advise the right approach here as every situation is different. What you don’t want to do is spook them by looking like a cyber stalker. And you don’t want to go straight into sales mode as they may find that very off putting. 


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