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Restaurant Marketing: Dress Codes & Staff Dress

Dress codes for statff are essential in some restaurants
Staff Dress Codes Vary Between Restaurants and Cafes

Restaurant Marketing: Dress Codes and Staff Dress


Some establishments insist on dress codes and believe they set the tone of the establishment. It might be that beach wear isn’t allowed or that shirts must be worn, or it might be that gentlemen must wear jackets and ties.


This may not sound as if it has much to do with marketing, but it has. Customer perception is an important part of your marketing effort and you can influence it in many ways, including dress code and staff uniform.


The dress code you decide on will be a reflection of you and your establishment. There are no right or wrong answers. The pub that insists that muddy boots are to be left at the door is no better or worse that the restaurant that insists on jackets and ties. They are just different and aiming at a different clientele.


You do however need to consider how you will handle situations where people with reservations turn up and don’t fit the dress code. If you fail to maintain your dress code some customers will be offended. But if you refuse entry then a fracas could ensue, and a valuable booking lost. Simple steps such as having spare ties to hand is an obvious first step.


Being Clear About Dress Code Online

You also need to make the dress code very clear on your website and in your promotional materials. Simply statements such as “Black tie” can say it all.


Staff Uniforms in Restaurants

And then there is the question of staff uniforms. In a pub it might be you have a very informal dress code that allows staff to dress in whatever they wish; but however casual your approach you might have some forms of dress that you don’t allow. Or it might be that they wear their own clothes but then wear an apron or similar. This makes them stand out as staff and many customers find being able to easily recognise staff useful.


At the other extreme you may supply staff with black tie and tails.


Again, there is nothing right or wrong answers when it comes to dress codes and staff uniform. At least not in most cases. Clearly insisting on jacket and tie in a coffee chain is never going to work! What you decide on does however set the tone of the place and needs careful thought.


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