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How to Detect and Solve Web Server Downtime and Website Backups for Non-Techies

how to detect server downtimeWebsites Crash All the Time. But What Will It Cost You if Your Business Website Crashes? Will You Even Know Your Website is Down?


Websites are essential to many businesses and if they crash the business can be in serious trouble. Sales, recruitment, enquiries and ultimately profits are at risk. 

But how do you know if your website has crashed. The first you know could be when online orders dry up. It’s not possible to manually visit your site every hours to check it is still working. 

And what can be done to ensure your site doesn’t go down or, if it does, it is up and running again in seconds? 

I’ve seen these problems, first hand, when my clients have experienced them. £multi-million businesses brought to their knees when a website server crashes.  £tens of thousands revenue being lost every day. 

In some cases this has happened on Friday afternoon and no has noticed until Monday morning when they find an empty order in tray. It’s a devastating feeling in the pit of your stomach when you see this.

But it can be avoided in most cases.


Automated Server Downtime Detection Systems 

There are ways to automatically check your site every minute. If it crashes you can be sent an email, SMS, or tweet withing seconds. Knowing it is down is half the problem when a website crashes.

And if the worse happens there are ways to get the website back online within seconds. 

Sadly website designers and hosting companies don’t always understand how this all works. and if they do they don’t explain it to their clients.

Did your web techies talk to you about this issue? If they didn’t. or if you are at all concerned about the devastation that a dead website could bring your business then this book is for you. It’s a non-techie overview and simple instructions that covers not only auto-detection of web crashes and how to overcome them. It also explains how to backup all your web data so that if your website is hacked you can quickly rebuild your site and be back in business in no time.  


This book costs the same as a coffee in mu favourite coffee shop. Just £2.88. Is that a lot to pay for a book that could save a business £000 a day? 


You can read a sample of the book here how to detect server downtime



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