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Why Customer Profiles Are Important When Marketing a Food or Drink Outlet

What are Customer Profiles?

Whatever type of hospitality or catering business you are running you will have typical customers. They might be young mums, ladies that lunch, business professionals or teenage girls; depending on your location, type of establishment and cuisine there could be dozens of potential customer groups. In most cases there will not be just one type of customer but several. Each will be typical to the extent you could give them a name, e.g. Law students, and state their typical age, gender, occupation, interests, social media preferences etc. as a type or group.


Of course, not everyone will perfectly fit a customer type, but it is likely that over 90% will match a number of generic profiles that you can determine with a bit of thought and research.


But before I explain this in more detail let me explain why this is important.


By being able to profile your typical customers you will be able to locate more potential customers. For example, if your typical mid-week lunchtime customers are female aged between 35-60, that read a county life magazine then advertising on the pages of this type of magazine, with an advert designed for ladies in that age bracket would make sense.


If these ladies tend to shop at specific shops locally then getting your name associated with this shop also makes sense. It might be that they send out a monthly or seasonal newsletter or flyer; if so then an advert or offer in it makes sense. It could be that in return you mention the shop in your promotional material and on your website.


This principle doesn’t only work with “ladies that lunch”. It will work with any group. So say you are a pub that attracts people walking a local coastal footpath. Some walkers will come to you via word of mouth from friends or colleagues that have walked the footpath previously. But if you want to be sure of attracting more walkers then an advert in walking magazines, local walking leaflets or on signboards would be worth investigating.


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