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Why Most Advertising Doesn’t Work

Why most advertising doesn't workIt’s True. Most Advertising Doesn’t Work


Most of it fails totally because the basic rules have been broken. 

Even the Experts Get It Wrong


For example, the full page advert that promoted this post is from the News Media Association. It breaks virtually every rule in the Advertising Book. And if they can’t get it right then what chance do you have? 


Well, the good news is that you can do better than these guys. For the price of a cup of coffee, you can learn the Advertising Secrets that the sales reps don’t want you to know about. 

For example, every advert should have a strong Call to Action .. something that is measurable so you can see if your advert is working. 


It might say something like .. To Advertise Like A Pro Click Here. And because the link is measurable the advertiser can see exactly how many people have responded to the advert. To be fair it’s harder to measure newspaper ads. So you have to try harder.


This advert has a web address they can use to measure response rates .. it goes to a webpage that talks about Newsbrand Effectiveness and quotes evidence from surveys carried out by Benchmarketing and others. The only problem is that I cant find Benchmarketing on Google and there’s no link to them from the webpage! So I have to wonder how authoritative they are.


There are ways to make this advert more effective. The first is to provide a call to action to encourage people to type the url into their PC or phone and discover more. Missing the Call to Action is a fundamental mistake I’d not expect the New Media Association to make.  


To discover more about the basic mistakes advertisers make .. and how to overcome them .. pick up Advertising Secrets on Amazon. It’ll cost you the price of a decent cup of coffee and you can read it during your next coffee break; if you can wait that long


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