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Negotiation Tactics: Take a Break

Coffee breaks are important when negotiating business dealsTop Negotiation Tip: To Secure an Advantage, Take a Break from Negotiations 

When negotiating one of the most powerful techniques you can use to gain an advantage is to call for a break or recess.  This provides you with thinking time, and nothing in negotiation is more important than thinking through your options. 
Most breaks can be planned in advance by ensuring coffee will be delivered at a given time or that you agree that you will break at a given time. And in an emergency it is easy just to call for a comfort break .. few will argue with you if you say you are going to take it. This is a great ploy when you are under pressure or need to think through a twist or turn in the direction things are going. 
Taking a break has several advantages. As listed below ….
It provides you time to consider new offers or departures from the expected
You have time to consider where they are coming from and what they are looking for
It allows time for pressure points to defuse. 
Taking a Break has three effects –
1 – It gives you time to consider what has been tabled
2 – It gives you time to think through where they are coming from
3 – It takes the heat or emotion out of the situation.

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