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PPPP: Perfect Processes Produce Perfection

Perfect Processes Produce PerfectionCooking a complex dish … Even making a cup of tea is a process

Can you imagine putting together a piece of IKEA flatpack furniture … without the instructions? It’s hard enough with instructions .. without is almost impossible. 

Or baking a cake… without a recipe? Baking a cake isn’t like making a stew. Stews are quite tolerant of how many carrots or how much meat you add. But baking is an intolerant process. Miss out or even cut back on an ingredient and you end up with a disaster. The bread or cake fails to rise or gets a “soggy bottom” and is inedible. . 

Of course, both building a table, making tea and baking a cake are totally doable. Most of us don’t consider them as totally impossible tasks. But you can’t just “wing it” and get the result you want.


So instead, you follow a recipe or set of instructions. You follow a very specific process. When you do this building a piece of furniture or baking a cake is easy. Even the Japanese tea ceremony is understandable. 

In fact, most things in our personal and busienss lives that would be a lot easier if we follow a proven process! 


Do you have proven processes in your business? 

Do you know how to find the simple beyond complexity? 

It could be a manual or automated process. Maybe you can use a bot.

But processes are essential for success.

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