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How to be Influential in Meetings

Your Seating Position Can Influence Outcomes in a Conventional Meeting


If you want to control the meeting you need to sit in the Chairs seat. you need to chair the meeting, set the agenda and control the minutes. 

If you can’t chair the meeting then sit next to the Chair. This way you make make private comment to them and when you speak to the meeting you will be seen and heard as everyone is looking in your direction anyway.

If you sit opposite the chair you can easily catch their eye and that makes it easier to get called upon to speak. 

If you get the chance to choose your seat remember that those that site further from the chair are more likely to be hidden by others or are just one of the crowd. 

Arriving early at a meeting means you get to choose your seat and have time to speak to others before the meeting. 


Of course different rules apply to online meetings! 



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