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Does An Authority Need More Than a Distinctive Point of View?

Authorities Stand Out Because They Are Unique. They Have a Distinctive Point of View and Don’t Just Regurgitate the Same Information as Others

For some time we’ve known that experts are two a penny and that to stand out in todays crowded market you need to be an authority.

An authority is someone that doesn’t stand out just because they have written a book or similar, but because of their Distinctive Point of View (DPOV)  …. that maybe the subject of that book but doesn’t have to be.  Often the Point of View is more than just Distinctive .. it is also Disruptive


But time moves on and maybe its time we reviewed the idea of a DPOV. 


We know three things that I believe may be important in formulating a DPOV right now. 


Online Search Has Changed

In 2015 the search market started to change. Micro Moments were recognised.

Searchers now make more instant decisons. They live in what Google describes as micro moments. For example they now search when shopping and expect to be able to satisfy their needs, including buying, instantly. Business people searching for a solution to a problem are also tending to make more instant decsions within a micro moment.  That isn’t to say they vocalise that decision instantly; often the idea is formed and they then need to rationalise it. 

Micro moments revolve around a number of points: Things like … I Want to Know … I Want To Buy  … I Want to Go … I Want to Do ..

Consumers are now 

  • More impatient
  • More demanding
  • More inquisitive

Search terms like “best” have grown by 80% in the last two years.


And that could be one of the keys to an Enhanced DPOV.


Emotions Beat Logic

The second important point is we know that people tend to make decisons based on emotion rather than logic. This has always been the case but has now been explained by Daniel Kahneman & Amos Tversky. Harvard Business School professor Gerald Zaltman goes as far as to say 95% of purchase decisions are emotionally based.  Logic is then used to confirm the bias.

The emotionally based purchase has a firm science foundation in that the logical mind can only deal with 3-4 pieces of information at once. But the emotional side of our minds is capable of dealing with millions of pieces of information, which means the supposed emotionally based decision is actually a “gut feeling” based on sifting and evaluating a lifetime’s learning from our successes, failures, experiences and research. 


People Buy into Our Why

Thirdly, Simon Sinek talks about the “Why”. I subscribe to his notion that people buy into our “Why”. Martin Luther King was no different to others that challenged segregation. But people bought into his dream simply because it was also their dream. QED.


The Impact of Micro Moments and Emotional Decision Making on A Distinctive Point of View

Based on the changes in the way we use mobile and other forms of search, and the proven way we make decisions via emotion rather than logic and that people buy our Why, I believe we need to reconsider our approach to being an Authority and our DPOV.

I believe we still need to have a DPOV that is both Distinctive and Disruptive; but that it also needs to tap into the emotional Why and therefore be capable of being bought into within a micro moment.  

Business people are not immune to any of the above concepts. They make emotional decisons based on years of experience and then justify their actions by seeking logic to support those decisions. 

So I believe a DPOV now needs to harness a powerful “why” that the emotional self can tap into and claim as their own within a micro moment.

Writing an emotional DPOV is never going to be easy, but I beleive they will be far more effective than any other.  And if we can capture all of this in a single sentence we wil have a DPOV that is extremely effective. 


In the next few days I’ll produce a template for an Enhanced DPOV based around the above. Watch this space. 


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